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Is this the best we can do?

Biden said he wasn’t going to give an inch and Speaker McCarthy made him give a couple of feet. (It was nowhere close to a mile.) But it all comes at the cost of raising the U.S. debt ceiling by $4.0 trillion.

Overspent and overdrawn.

The federal government is spending more while taking in less. Understanding the consequences doesn’t require an Ivy-league degree.

Where is the leadership?

Whenever there is chaos it is appropriate to look to the guy at the top. In this case, that guy is Barack Obama. Above all, it is the president’s job to lead and Barack Obama is choosing not to.

Where are the cuts?

Aside from throwing out a number ending in the word, “trillion,” what specific spending cuts are any of Obama, Boehner, Reid, the “Gang of Six” or anyone else proposing? When does anyone propose the the U.S. actually spend less money than it is currently spending?

What would Nixon do?

What would Nixon do?

Richard Nixon is regarded as one of the most cynical presidents ever. Yet even he might be appalled at the current president’s demogoguery on deficits and the debt ceiling.

Hail to the Cynic in Chief

Every chief executive and every business owner in the country has had to prioritize spending since the economy went soft in 2007. It’s what executives get paid to do. But President Obama refuses to make spending choices. He prefers vilifying successful Americans as a sop to his hard left base.

Uniformed populist drivel - not what the times demand.

Uninformed populist drivel.

Were it not for those greedy private jet owners refusing to pay their “fair share” of taxes America could solve its deficit and debt problems. So says the Demagouger-in-Chief as he avoids actually addressing the problem.

Who really sets the debt limit?

Bill and Marge have been hitting the VISA card each month to close the gap between what they earn and what they spend. Their reckoning is coming. The U.S. Government needs to learn from Bill and Marge.