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For once, Jim Hoffa is right.

I interviewed Teamsters boss Jim Hoffa at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year. I disagreed with very nearly every word that came out of his mouth. So you know there has been a dramatic shift when I find myself suddenly agreeing with him.

The favor of the royal court.

The favor of the royal court.

Under a government of laws, the head of government’s power to grant favors or exact retribution is supposed to be limited. Or so Boeing thought when it built an assembly plant in right-to-work South Carolina.

Can they stand the heat?

How closely are you watching what’s going on in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Brown and his standoff with the public employee unions? How closely are you following the battle in Congress regarding the Republicans’ demand to immediately cut spending as a condition of keeping the government funded beyond Friday? I still go work and show up at my daughter’s soccer games and otherwise live my life, but I’m nonetheless following the stories very closely. And...