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Will we ever get serious?

The government has borrowed money over your signature and made promises in your name to the point that your household now owes $520,000.

Where are the cuts?

Aside from throwing out a number ending in the word, “trillion,” what specific spending cuts are any of Obama, Boehner, Reid, the “Gang of Six” or anyone else proposing? When does anyone propose the the U.S. actually spend less money than it is currently spending?

What would Nixon do?

What would Nixon do?

Richard Nixon is regarded as one of the most cynical presidents ever. Yet even he might be appalled at the current president’s demogoguery on deficits and the debt ceiling.

Re-living the future.

I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. We still find ourselves facing $4.00 gasoline as if we are condemned to live the same dysfunctional day over and over.