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Hillary Clinton’s sensibilities.

If you voted for Donald Trump and are now experiencing even the teensiest bit of buyer’s remorse, take a moment to consider who you would have gotten instead.

On the wane.

Forces for good in the world – the United States, Britain, France, NATO – are losing power and influence. The forces for evil – al-Qaeda, Russia, Iran – are gaining power and influence.

The re-run president.

The re-run president.

Just as M*A*S*H was once fresh and original but is today tired and worn out, so too are President Obama’s speeches.

Benghazi: Can we get the truth, now?

Tomorrow, (05/08) Gregory Hicks, the former number two man at the American embassy in Libya, is scheduled to testify before Congress. The topic: the attacks of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.