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The magnitude of the problem.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan has unveiled a proposed budget for fiscal year 2012. That proposal would cut more than $6 billion in federal spending over ten years.

Can they stand the heat?

How closely are you watching what’s going on in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Brown and his standoff with the public employee unions? How closely are you following the battle in Congress regarding the Republicans’ demand to immediately cut spending as a condition of keeping the government funded beyond Friday? I still go work and show up at my daughter’s soccer games and otherwise live my life, but I’m nonetheless following the stories very closely. And...

The debt: It’s time for leadership.

Ten years ago, in 2001, the existential threat facing the United States was radical Islamic terrorism. Say what you will about President George W. Bush, no one can credibly argue that he failed to address the threat. In fact, the bulk of the criticism leveled at President Bush stemmed directly from the actions that he took to address terrorism. Today, a decade later, terrorism remains a threat but it’s no longer the biggest threat. Economic...