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Reality Star-in-Chief

In one move, Trump outed the Democrats as the open border advocates that they are while simultaneously giving cover to Congressional Republicans.

Golfing over governing.

More than two months late, the president has at last complied with the law and submitted a budget. It is, as we have come to expect, an ideological document that is untethered entirely from actual governing.

Obama voters: enjoy your victory quickly.

If you’re celebrating Obama’s victory, be careful. You own President Obama and President Obama owns the economy and world events. Given the parlous state of both, prudence dictates that you keep your glee in check.

A funeral procession.

NASA did its best to dress its deliveries of retired space shuttles to their respective final resting places as victory laps. They were no such thing. They were funeral processions.

No longer our own masters.

The erosion of liberty happens in increments. Few alive today know that the federal income tax as we know it started at a mere one percent on all incomes up to an amount equal to $10.5 million in today’s dollars.

A nation of infants.

Forget the esoterica of the constitutional arguments. Forget that Congress has arrogated to itself power over your life on a scale never before seen. The real problem with Obamacare is that upwards of four out of ten in the United States believe that entitlement on such a scale is even possible.

Hats off to Paul Ryan.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan went to a Washington, D.C. tattoo parlor and had a giant target tattooed on his forehead. Or so it is going to seem in the coming weeks.

The public/private disconnect.

I got an email from the superintendent of the school district where my younger daughter goes to school talking about the impact of state budget funding cuts.

The magnitude of the problem.

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan has unveiled a proposed budget for fiscal year 2012. That proposal would cut more than $6 billion in federal spending over ten years.

Disturbing parallels.

Carter lacked the charisma of Obama, good news for Obama, because the parallels between them should otherwise be of great concern to Obama.