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Boehner digs in.

One might forgive the president for standing firm on Obamacare, his signature legislative achievement. But there can be no forgiving his intransigence with respect to the rest of the federal budget.

You'll never hear them say it.

You’ll never hear them say it.

You will not hear anyone in the mainstream media say that making a policy demand as government funding is about to run out is a perfectly legitimate prerogative of elected legislators.

Privilege trumps morality.

Privilege trumps morality.

Senate Democrats refused to continue funding the government because they do not want to be subject to Obamacare – a law that they imposed upon the rest of us.

I’m not embarrassed. Are you?

Sen. Cruz has reminded us that there is not a single Republican fingerprint on the abomination that is Obamacare. Not one. On a measure of such scope, it’s unprecedented.