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Animal spirits unleashed.

Freed from the prospect of more regulation and more economic micromanagement, businesses have resumed hiring and investing and planning for a bright future.

It really is a simple choice.

Who can better deploy the fruits of American enterprise – the federal government or those who actually produce the fruit?

Lessons from the lowly pencil.

If you centralized pencil making on Capitol Hill, pencils would be of one-tenth the quality at ten times the price – and the only way people would buy them is if the government used its police powers to force them to.

Our Decision Point.

Former President Bush has emerged from near total media seclusion for the purpose of promoting his new book called “Decision Points.”

Ideology is one thing. Results are another.

According to former Reagan budget director David Stockman, since the third quarter of 2008, the nation’s gross domestic product has grown at the rate of only $4 billion per month.

Mr. President, less will be more.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll just released reveals that an overwhelming 67 percent of Americans believe that President Obama hasn’t devoted enough of his time to creating jobs.

I don’t know.

You may know what a 1099 form is. It’s what businesses are required to send to contractors, consultants and temporary employees for whom no regular paychecks are issued.