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Tone deaf.

Taken all around, Biden’s State of the Union address was tone deaf and uninspiring, the gushing reaction from mainstream media outlets notwithstanding.

Re-learning hard lessons.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because they thought they could get away with it. That calculation came perilously close to being correct.

Speeches neither win nor end wars.

Peddling a fantasy that the tide of war is receding can win an election. But unless the tide really does recede, the battle will eventually have to be joined.


The president’s objective on Tuesday was to make the case for using military force in response to those chemical weapon attacks and toward that goal, he accomplished nothing.

The unwilling.

For the first time since Lord North in 1782, the British House of Commons has denied a prime minister the authority to enter a war. That it is a “war” proposed by Barack Obama of the United States is testament to how far the U.S. has fallen.

Another war?

A decisive, overwhelming victory in the greater Middle East would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and many thousands of lives.