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Biden is coming for your car.

Driven by a blind ideological fixation on “climate change,” the Biden administration is trying to shove us all into expensive, impractical electric vehicles whether we want them or not.

Seeing more clearly.

The clarity that comes from watching the horror that is taking place in real time in Israel should inform our thinking as to what is taking place concurrently in real time on our southern border.

Increasing clarity.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that the eventual Republican nominee won’t be facing a feeble, failing and scandal plagued Joe Biden next year. It’s also likely that Donald Trump will be convicted of at least one felony next year.

Egad! Another government shutdown?

We’ve had government shutdowns before. Aside from being unable to visit Carlsbad Caverns or take a White House tour, how badly was your life impacted?

Do any of these candidates really get China?

The eight Republican candidates on the debate stage in Milwaukee Wednesday evening called out a long list of problems facing the country. Immigration, the economy and federal spending were at the top of the lists for most of the debate participants. Some time, but not a lot, was spent talking about China. But drill down into many of the problems that the country is currently facing and when you get to the bottom you are...