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The intolerableness of Donald Trump.

Imagine if you are an elite, coastal liberal living in a country whose president is Donald Trump. Imagine what you must be thinking – and more apt in the case of liberals – what you must be feeling.

Behold the swamp.

In the 60 odd days of the Trump presidency one thing has become unmistakably clear. Federal employees in massive numbers are dedicated to derailing Trump’s presidency by any means possible.

Trump’s biggest obstacle.

It’s the nearly three-million strong army of federal employees that constitutes the single biggest obstacle standing in Donald Trump‘s way.

The VA as microcosm.

The Department of Veterans is nothing less than a microcosm of the entire federal government – a top-down Leviathan that is callously and willfully unaccountable to those it is charged with serving and to the taxpayers that pay for it.