Photo ©2016 Paul L. Gleiser

Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 8/11/17


Imagine if you are an elite, coastal liberal living in a country whose president is Donald Trump. Imagine what you must be thinking – and more apt in the case of liberals – what you must be feeling.

You now live in a country in which Donald Trump is doing unspeakable things. Worse, none of it would be happening if he hadn’t colluded with the Russians to steal the election.

Let’s take stock.

The racist, xenophobic Trump is actually having the gall to enforce existing immigration law. He is doing it such that illegal immigrants are having a much harder time getting into the country and worse, have in large numbers stopped even trying. This means that the steady supply of the poor, uneducated and government-dependent upon which Democrats rely for votes is being curtailed. If it goes on long enough, it will have generational impact on future elections for Democrats.

Next you are confronted by the homophobic, trans-phobic Trump. That incarnation of this unthinkable presidency is insisting that the military not only be re-strengthened, he is insisting that it not engage in social experimentation by allowing openly transgender soldiers in its ranks. This threatens decades of hard work by liberals. Gays in the military—and now transgenders in the military – have been seen by the Left as a two-fer. In one policy stroke liberals get to micromanage the American armed forces in a way they would never be able to otherwise, while simultaneously pandering to a reliable voting bloc.

Then there’s the unapologetically capitalist Trump. With pen stroke after pen stroke he is dashing away business regulation after business regulation carefully put in place by his predecessor and the permanent federal bureaucracy. Who will keep greedy businessmen in their places now?

The “one percenter” Trump is busy trying to reduce taxes on the “rich.” From whence shall come the money with which Democrats may buy votes through expansion of the welfare state?

The climate-denier Trump is reining in the hard-left bureaucrats of the EPA. By what alternate mechanism may liberals keep a crushing thumb on the American economy if the EPA is kept in bounds?

And then, of course, the callous, uncaring, unfeeling Trump is trying to get Obamacare repealed. Obamacare has gotten liberals so close to the promised land of single-payer national health care. Now that progress stands threatened.

To a greater degree than with any prior Republican, if you’re a liberal, Donald Trump is plainly and simply intolerable.

But if you’re not a coastal liberal – if you’re a middle class, middle-of-the-country, long-beleaguered taxpayer – it turns out that Donald Trump is the gem you’ve been sifting through the Republican gravel trying to find.

The two camps – Left and Right – now stand facing each other with the camp on the right having far and away the more dynamic general. Thus we understand the furious attempt by the Left to sweep away all prior convention, custom and rule of law to take down a duly-elected American president

It’s happening in real time.