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How many former East Germans would vote for Bernie?

Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is seriously challenging frontrunner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination for president. Sanders is particularly popular among young voters – those we now call “millennials.”

Texas does it again.

If Texas were a separate nation, it would be the 12th largest oil producing nation in the world, only slightly behind Venezuela and Kuwait. In just two and half years, Texas oil production has doubled and Texas is now on a pace to produce more oil than it did in the peak years of the 1970s.

FDR was finally forced to “get it.”

Everything that government does and every benefit that the government provides – every highway, every bridge, every dam, every naval vessel, every fighter jet, every Humvee, every public school, every firefighter and every police officer – comes from the fruits of the success of the American people.

What Scrooge teaches about greed & charity.

An idea that Rush Limbaugh put forth on his program a few days ago set me thinking. The question Limbaugh asked was which has been a greater force for good in the world, greed or charity?

The triumph of ideology over experience.

The countdown has begun toward President Obama’s much-anticipated “major policy statement” on jobs. If you watch it, keep a company called Solyndra in mind.

Understanding our low voltage economy.

The Chevy Volt, a darling of the Obama administration, is little more than a gussied up golf cart built with taxpayer funds. GM almost literally cannot give the things away. Yet Obama dares lecture automakers about the market.

The Gipper resonates 30 years later.

Reagan succeeded because of what he believed. Reagan’s administration was by no means perfect. But in the end his belief in the American people transcended.

Capitalism to the rescue.

The 33 miners in Chile who were quite literally resurrected from their grave this week owe their lives in no small measure to two men. The first is Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.