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What next?

I appreciate Donald Trump. We conservatives will always be in his debt. But what now?

From pain can come redemption.

For the first time in a lifetime, a liberal president will bear clear and undeniable responsibility for the results of his own liberal policies.

Are you your neighbor’s (yard) keeper?

Conservatives believe in the sanctity of individual property rights. Liberals believe that those who are well off should be compelled to forfeit wealth for the greater good.

The Gipper resonates 30 years later.

Reagan succeeded because of what he believed. Reagan’s administration was by no means perfect. But in the end his belief in the American people transcended.

Let’s call it the “Red State Rumble.” It’s on.

The Texas gubernatorial election fight is on. It will be over in March. The general election in November is a formality. The fight is between Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently the senior senator from Texas and incumbent Rick Perry. Both are Republicans and the two will duke it out for the Republican nomination in the March primary. Whoever wins that primary will be the governor. (The eventual Democratic nominee is roughly analagous to the Washington Generals....