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In the eye of a leftist storm.

Critical Race Theory is a radical leftist ideology that promotes the idea that white people are naturally born as oppressors and that ‘people of color’ – most particularly black people – are naturally born oppressed.

It starts at school.

Even though information on any topic is readily available with the tap of a finger, the American populace is both less informed and simultaneously more misinformed than at any time in the last century.

Hillary’s education “SWAT team.”

Hillary Clinton’s national education “SWAT Team” is but another manifestation of the liberal belief that every societal problem calls for a massive federal program requiring billions of dollars and thousands of federal bureaucrats.

Getting education right.

Our national educational goal should be to create self-sufficient, wage-earning, tax-paying adults.

The Great Society at 50.

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson gave a speech at the University of Michigan in which he first proposed what he called the “Great Society.” So what of the Great Society on its 50th birthday? Sadly, there’s little to celebrate.

Boys will be boys. We hope.

If you constrain a young boy’s natural aggressiveness too tightly, you risk robbing him of the tools necessary to become a confident, self-sufficient and successful man.

The school lunch police nab a four year-old.

If we here in the land of the free have arrived at the place where bureaucrats are being hired by the state to pull snap inspections on the sack lunches of pre-school children, we’re not nearly as free as we’d like to think.

Insisting on independence.

The parental decision concerning kicking newly graduated college kids out of the house is a microcosm of our societal decision about dependency. Pushing a kid out in the world to make it on his or her own is almost always the best thing you can do for the kid.

Graduating to service debt.

Nearly unlimited student loan availability has removed the price signals that would have otherwise kept prices for college in check. Thus the price for college is outpacing inflation by as much as five-to-one.

A Nation at Risk

By 1983, the fact that America had taken the wrong path on public education was becoming clear.