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The Great Society at 50.

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson gave a speech at the University of Michigan in which he first proposed what he called the “Great Society.” So what of the Great Society on its 50th birthday? Sadly, there’s little to celebrate.

Insisting on independence.

The parental decision concerning kicking newly graduated college kids out of the house is a microcosm of our societal decision about dependency. Pushing a kid out in the world to make it on his or her own is almost always the best thing you can do for the kid.

Graduating to service debt.

Nearly unlimited student loan availability has removed the price signals that would have otherwise kept prices for college in check. Thus the price for college is outpacing inflation by as much as five-to-one.

Forget about health care costs. What about college?

If you just had a child graduate high school and are now 11 weeks away from the start of college, turn off the radio. You’re not going to like this. I was recently given a tour of the brand new facilities at a major university. I’m not going to say which one because you die-hard alums that flock your Christmas trees the same color as your alma mater’s  football jerseys will bombard me with your...