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Mad pursuit.

The ‘mad pursuit of zero’ precludes policy makers and politicians from ever asking, “Will the benefits of doing this outweigh the costs?”

Simpletons in charge.

From a single storm in what has otherwise been a very quiet hurricane season, the Left has conclusive proof of the looming climate apocalypse.

It’s still our Father’s world.

We are reminded this week that God made the Earth and all that is in it and that He has dominion over it, the overwrought hand wringing of the Global Warming cabal notwithstanding.

Moses would have drilled.

I won’t often quote scripture in this space. But I’m going to this time because the scripture I’m about to quote is illuminating in today’s situation. I’m quoting Deuteronomy, the eighth chapter beginning with the seventh verse. Moses is speaking to the Israelites: For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs that flow out of valleys and hills; a land of...

Our parents got things done and the Earth is still beautiful.

Click here to listen to the broadcast of You Tell Me on Newstalk 600 KTBB, Friday, June 13, 2008. I want to propose an ambitious capital project and I want your thoughts on the feasibility. In order to meet a strategic national need, we need to construct a pipeline nearly 1,500 miles from Texas to New York. We’re going to cross 95 counties and traverse all or part of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,...

Let’s have a picnic in the oil patch!

Click here to listen to the broadcast of You Tell Me on Newstalk 600 KTBB, Friday, June 6, 2008. Please forgive me for again going on about oil prices and the need to change U.S. policy with respect to domestic exploration and production. I know I’ve been on that topic pretty relentlessly of late but I can’t help it. There are two factors dragging heavily on the economy right now. One is credit market turmoil...