Simpletons in charge.

This Satellite image provided by NASA on Sept. 26, 2022, shows Hurricane Ian pictured from the International Space Station just south of Cuba gaining strength and heading toward Florida. Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified off Florida’s southwest coast Wednesday, Sept. 28, gaining top winds of 155 mph, just shy of the most dangerous Category 5 status. (NASA via AP)

Paul GleiserSimpletons in charge.

The simple mindedness of the environmental and climate-obsessed Left has been predictably on display since Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida. There is no question that Ian is a really big storm. According to the weather people, it’s one of the top five strongest hurricanes ever to strike Florida.

That’s all the Left had to hear. From that moment Ian became the latest exhibit in their never-ending climate change crusade. From a single storm in what has otherwise been a very quiet hurricane season, the Left has conclusive proof of the looming climate apocalypse. So says CNN’S Don Lemon. So shrieks Joy Behar on The View. So bloviates AOC and the Squad.

As if strong hurricanes are a new thing.

Not even close. The number one storm on that Top Five list is the Florida Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. That storm made landfall with winds of 185 miles per hour, 30 miles per hour worse than Ian.

As the very graphic images of destruction and flooding from Hurricane Ian play in a loop on the screen and as lefty cable commentators furrow their brows and describe the imminent climate change catastrophe, they segue seamlessly into their near scriptural admonition that we “…must immediately end our dependence on fossil fuels.”

That means, “transitioning to electric vehicles.” These very same lefties never consider that there were hurricanes – many of biblical proportion – long before there were cars. Nor do they have even a rudimentary understanding of the real-world practicalities attendant to replacing 200 million or more gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles.

Consider this week’s evacuations from Florida and consider that the average EV has a range of about 250 to 300 miles. That’s not enough to make it to safety from a major storm like Ian. It takes two minutes to fill up at a gas station. It can take 20 times longer than that or more to charge an EV. What happens when traffic is stalled going back for miles as those EVs stop at charging stations? (What happens when a storm knocks out the power?)

At one time the Left prattled endlessly about “peak oil” – the point at which world oil production would start inexorably downward. How much sooner will the world hit ‘peak cobalt’ and ‘peak lithium?’ Both are needed in copious quantities to make EV batteries.

The Department of Energy was created for the express purpose of pursuing U.S. energy independence from Middle East oil. Which cabinet-level department will be created to handle the ramifications attendant to being dependent on China for that lithium and cobalt? China is to those minerals what OPEC is to oil.

And from where does the electricity come to charge 100 or 200 million electric vehicles? We don’t have that generating capacity now. To get it we’ll have to build power plants. What will fire them? Natural gas? Coal? Nuclear? The Left hates all three.

But none of that muddles their fevered minds. “Just get a Tesla,” they tell us. “Poof! No more hurricanes.”

Simple minded.

It would be humorous if the implications weren’t so serious.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. Richard Anderson says:

    You are so right Mr. Gleiser. These leftists possess NOT an iota of commonsense.

    Weather is what it’s always been… weather. It’s ALWAYS changing but not in the cataclysmic way the environmental “green bad deal” leftists constantly propagandize on and on about. They seem to think that hurricanes, rain, dry spells, or any other weather event “they can’t explain or can’t wrap their small minds around” is due to mans use of fossil fuels — they couldn’t be more wrong.

    Weather is a natural phenomena that has been with us since the beginning and it is beyond the scope of mans power to control or change it. That realm is God’s and His alone.

    Traditional conservative American citizens of goodwill who believe in our Founding as a Constitutional Republic in Freedom under GOD must push back hard against the wicked LIE of climate change as this leftist Marxist agenda is a threat to our FREEDOM and INDEPENDENT American way of life. We must NEVER give that up to the likes of the evil globalist cabal who are only about one thing.. control and power for themselves and they couldn’t care less about WE THE PEOPLE or America as Founded in 1776.

    GOD blessed the U.S.A. with abundant fossil fuels –coal, oil, natural gas– as our nation is #1 in production and #1 in reserves with hundreds of years available. Let’s be wise and use them as they are cost effective [AFFORDABLE] and we don’t need communist China or their batteries.

    Americans love their gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks. Mr. Henry Ford brought us that with the Model T gasoline powered car that everyone could AFFORD. As an American, like hundreds of millions of my fellow citizens, I, for one will NEVER give up our American way of life and the ability to travel freely on the open American road.

  2. Linda M says:

    The left lives in a bubble of their own making that nothing can penetrate! When things don’t go their way they darken the shades and go right on spouting the same ole tired worn out BS they have been ever since I can remember. It didn’t work then and it won’t now! The left needs to venture out of their bubble and see how the REAL world operates, which is quite differently from inside their bubble world. They just might learn something…naw, something that dense never will allow something PRODUCTIVE to penetrate their little world!

  3. C M Solomon says:

    The deranged Marxist Left has completely consumed the former “Democratic” party (an example of deception in a title that is exactly the opposite of its basic meaning). Now, they must be considered the fountain head of reality DENIERS, a word THEY have invented to defame ANYONE that doesn’t accept their totally distorted view of reality. ACTUAL REALITY is a set of truths that has been historically established by trial and error using our God given human intelligence that is guided by observable and provable evidence over the centuries. In other words, the Left is obsessed with forcing their demented dogma on society WITHOUT accepting true REALITY as a factor to be considered. I found a great definition of “Denialism” on Wikipedia that bears repeating as follows.

    “In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Denialism is an essentially irrational action that withholds the validation of a historical experience or event, when a person refuses to accept an empirically verifiable reality.”

    I don’t know or care if the Marxist REALITY DENIERS actually believe their idiotic nonsense, but I can say that they have adopted a well-proven propaganda technique that they will always use to demolish our freedoms to observe and accept TRUE REALITY that threatens their demonic goals of Utopian Tyranny: a dictatorship where ordinary humanity is reduced to the sophistication of an ant colony programmed to service the “queen”.

    Our entire modern civilization is based on scientifically based inventions of machines, policies, and procedures using the “scientific method” of discovery, as well as the establishment of successful morality codes based on Biblical principles such as the “Golden Rule”. The Freedoms of humanity to accept these principles without interference by the Leftist DENIERS have resulted in the promotion of worldwide prosperity for all of those who seek and depend on REALITY while rejecting FANTASY in its entirety. The brain of the Left only functions in the realm of “CIGOL”, LOGIC spelled backwards. This is a moral disease which will destroy society as we know it, if not properly identified and crushed into irrelevance.

  4. Gerald R Thomas says:

    I appreciate your no nonsense articles and agree completely. My opinion is that the elites pushing the electric vehicles believe (but won’t say out loud) that only the rich and powerful should have a vehicle. Public transportation for the rest. I say to AOC and all the rest. This is America and in America they all have the God given right to have the wrong opinion. All the best to you and your family.

  5. Mike says:

    Anyone ever heard of “Solar Minimum”? Look it up. Few years ago; pre-Chinese virus/pre-Biden Marxist Administration was priority on the science communities’ bogs. All those who were in the know, were concerned about the historic evidence that another Ice Age was on the horizen. Everyone in that community was concerned with all those northern cites in that glacial covering area. BUT WOOO NELLY the climate warming czars took the stage. OMG we are in a world warming environment due to Global Warming (NO ONE talked about climate change). What the hell was global warming when everyone in the science community was talking about an Ice Age???????

    This was all contrived to sell solar panels from China. Scare those who were totally naive and ignorant on Star Trek disasters that a Tacion Beam would not fix. Or that those who were ignorant and ill educated would not buy into. God Help us at the ignorance and naiveite that it out among the populations. Give us a Chinese virus pandemic totally shutting down our schools and putting the idiots in power in our School Unions and School Boards and what do we get? Another two generations that are ignorant and gullible to the scams and lies of the Left.

    Please VOTE and tell those you know who are on the fence to vote in the next election that is coming down the train tracks at a rapid speed now. We need to win and turn this lie around or we are sunk.

    What do we see in common here? China

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