Joe Biden’s holy crusade.

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Paul GleiserJoe Biden’s holy crusade.

A recent report from the Census Bureau said in print what most Americans know without having to be told. Prices are going up faster than wages and families are feeling the pinch.

Two things are contributing to the inflation that is imposing a de facto tax on both income and savings. The first is irresponsible government spending and the second is idiotic energy policy.

Given the constraints of time, and for the purpose of this discussion, let’s devote our attention to the latter.

President Joe Biden is waging an obsessive and destructive jihad on fossil fuels. The policies that he began implementing literally on day one of his presidency are impacting every American, but none more so than the poor and the working class and the ‘average Joes’ with whom President Joe claims a special kinship.

There is no corner of the economy that is exempt from the impact of higher oil & gas prices. Literally everything you touch – from your personal vehicle (even if it’s an EV) to the thermostat in your home to the jar of mayonnaise in your ‘fridge, to the clothes you wear to the medicine you take – is dependent upon fossil fuels. Petroleum serves as base material for manufactured goods ranging from ball point pens to denture adhesive to shower curtains. And even if something isn’t directly dependent upon petroleum for its manufacture, that something nevertheless depends upon petroleum for its transportation to market. If it has to be manufactured or transported, consumers get whacked when the price of oil goes up.

Joe Biden has personally seen to that whacking. By executive order and by intentional bureaucratic foot dragging as ordered by his administration, Biden has dramatically curtailed oil & gas exploration on federal lands and in offshore waters. He cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline as almost literally his first official act as president. He now proposes to entirely stop new oil & gas exploration leasing in Alaska and off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. He is unilaterally limiting exploration on leases that have already been approved.

Biden’s executive action (and strategic inaction) has had the desired effect. It has hobbled domestic energy production thereby reducing supply which, in turn, raises the price for nearly everything we eat, wear or use.

Biden’s war on fossil fuels is driven by his misguided and near fanatical belief that he is saving the environment. He isn’t. When the U.S. curtails energy production, other less environmentally fastidious nations like Russia and Iran take up the slack – while gaining strategic geopolitical advantage in the process. When we import energy from hostile regimes, we export self-determination and sovereignty.

Biden isn’t saving the planet. He’s posing for his left-wing base, which sees the prospect of the United States becoming weaker even as China, Russia and Iran become stronger as a good thing.

All of this as working American families find it ever more difficult to make ends meet every month.

There are a lot of reasons for denying Joe Biden a second term. Energy policy is a big one.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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3 Responses

  1. C M Solomon says:

    It’s called “De-industrialization” of the United States of America in order to weaken us in favor of strengthening our Communist enemies so that we are left with no alternative but to join the Marxist-Globalist forces of the WEF, WHO, etc., for which Biden is a loyal member in good standing. He was always the traitorous Manchurian Candidate to eliminate the Constitution, our Sovereignty, and the rights of self-government, therefore, “Let the people of this Nation be damned!”

  2. Rich L Moore says:

    biden is the most stupid president ever. But a bunch of equally dumb American voters put him in office. And I don’t see any recourse or help.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    It isn’t funny how biden lies at every turn! And that didn’t start because of dementia, he has been doing that all his life! He has lied about where he went to school and how high up he graduated, about the JOBS he has had which as far as I know the only “job” he has ever had is in politics. He has even lied about where he went to CHURCH but claims to be Catholic. How do you expect ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth to be true??? Climate change? He only says what he is TOLD(most of the time) which you have no idea if he is telling the truth or not!
    I thank GOD everyday that I was raised when I was and had REAL TEACHERS! My 11th grade Science teacher was great and I learned so much in his class. “Climate change” wasn’t one of them. The Earth has gone through changes all across history but unlike what is taught now by progressive mouth pieces(I refuse to call them teachers). No one knows when or if the Earth will be destroyed and in my humble opinion it will not be by “climate change”. But I bet if asked ole joe will give an answer.
    Just as he would about what all he has done since he was put into office…secured the border, fixed gas prices, he sure did that now didn’t he? He made things easier on people by RAISING food prices, made it easy buying a house by raising interest prices, threw money at Ukraine by paying their people OUR tax dollars like their police force, their fire fighters…everything that SHOULD be paying OUR people! Even sent MONEY over to Ukraine instead of sending a mere $700 to Maui residents who had everything including CHILDREN lost in that FIRE. Oh but good ole joe really helped by giving each family $700 for food and clothes or whatever.
    Everything ole joe has done is NOT in our best interest! Yet to hear him tell it, he has done wonders for our economy, food prices, gas prices, jobs, securing the border…but REMEMBER WHO he put in charge of that…good ole harris, cackling all the way.
    Yeah, ole joe has done a bang up job of putting us in a debt we or our Grand children will never see a dent in…yeah good ole joe has done all this AND MORE!

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