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What this conservative believes.

I believe in the sovereignty of the individual. Therefore I believe in personal responsibility. I believe in the duty of self help and in the freedom that flows from self-reliance.

Paying on both ends.

With the best of intentions, the government has become the driving economic force in both higher education and in health care. In both cases, costs are out of control.

Texas creates jobs. Liberals condescend.

For ruling-class elites, there is nothing to recommend Texas. It is a miserable, Red State, George W. Bush-spawning hell-on-earth. So how, then, do they explain job numbers just released by the federal government?

The public/private disconnect.

I got an email from the superintendent of the school district where my younger daughter goes to school talking about the impact of state budget funding cuts.

Capitalism to the rescue.

The 33 miners in Chile who were quite literally resurrected from their grave this week owe their lives in no small measure to two men. The first is Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.