The first thing we do let’s get rid of the experts.

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Eighty years ago America’s military experts successfully executed the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, France. It was the largest amphibious military operation in history and it resulted in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Immediately following World War II our nation’s medical experts developed vaccines that effectively eliminated such terrible diseases as polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, chickenpox and about a half dozen others.

In that same period our nation’s infrastructure experts were designing and building the Interstate Highway System that connects the 48 contiguous states and makes interstate commerce efficient and low-friction.

While the interstates were getting built our aerospace experts were busy commercializing jet air travel and putting men on the moon.

There is no question that the 30 years immediately following World War II was a gilded age for American experts.

But the past 50 years? Well…not so much.

The actual experts that built post-war America have retired, died off and left the scene. They have been replaced not by up & coming protégés but instead by an elite “expertocracy” – as columnist Kurt Schlichter has dubbed them.

Almost to a person, members of the expertocracy hold degrees from elite universities – most from the Ivy League, live on one or another of the coasts, are avowedly liberal in their politics and are, generally speaking, devoid of much real-world accomplishment other than earning the Ivy League degrees over which the elite media fawn. Rather than quietly, efficiently – and for the most part, anonymously – solving problems and getting things done, they instead spend enormous amounts of their time on cable TV news shows telling the rest of us how smart they are and how dumb we are.

All of which might be somewhat tolerable if their record was good. It’s not.

We have not had a decisive military victory since World War II. Our delivery of healthcare, while for the most part still technically competent, is a financial catastrophe. Thanks to Ivy-educated educrat experts, the current crop of college graduates is buried under a one trillion dollar-plus mountain of debt.

On the subject of education, our education experts have given us the massive, dystopic, dysfunctional hellhole that we call American public school. Other experts have given us Obamacare, the Iraq fiasco, the 2008 financial crisis, the rise of China as a malign global threat, crumbling, crime-plagued cities and most recently Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ruinous – and we now know, unnecessary – coronavirus lockdown.

It is Lord Fauci who is, at the moment, the very face of the American expertocracy.

Through it all the experts have made themselves very rich while we who actually work for a living saw our real incomes decline for most of the past 30 years.

It’s time to throw the experts out. (We can start with Lord Fauci.) It’s time to change channels when they come on TV. It’s time, when they talk and that little voice inside us says, “Say what?,” to actually listen to that little voice. It’s time for fewer “experts” and more common sense.

Now there’s some expert advice.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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31 Responses

  1. Buddy Saunders says:

    Paul, you are on target yet again. As for the elites, they are dependably dead wrong, have been for a long time, and more and more they are laughably wrong, nutty as any fruitcake. We, the common folk, so despised by the elites, vastly outnumber them, and we are far more blessed with a full measure of common sense, good old horse sense. The blinders are off. We see the elites for what they are. We hear their nutty pronouncements. We will beat such people. We will beat the elite idiot gaggle and, in the process, have a lot of laughs. The fight will be fun. Let’s get to it.

  2. Ron Eagleman says:

    These so-called experts to whom everyone gives such deference are just very unimpressive bureaucrats! If Fauci had so much expertise, he would be working in the private sector, instead of being in an environment where incompetence is not penalized, but often rewarded. Anyone in the private sector making as many blunders as “Lord Fauci”, not only would have been fired, but disqualified from ever working again. A private company that would have been so unfortunate as to have hired him, would most likely be bankrupt from all the litigation that this egomaniac had generated. He falls right into the category of the bureaucrat overseeing the distribution of the pandemic stimulus payments. Oh, but it was only $400 Billion dollars that went up in smoke, so this bureaucrat goober will probably get a promotion. In any event, his job is secure, just as is the job of the one that caused so much grief and economic pain….the expert public health servant.. Dr. Fauci!

  3. C M Solomon says:

    Wow! Paul, it is so refreshing to hear the unmitigated TRUTH about the self-appointed, self-enriched, self-aggrandizing, self-promoting “experts” that haunt the Administrative State Swamp (ASS). They are a “legend in their own minds,” to coin a phrase. These cretins can only survive in their own exalted status if incompetence is tolerated throughout the ranks: a common trait of large bureaucracies whose main goal is protection of their ASS. Your timing to address this subject could not be more perfect; particularly in the era of an unnecessary exercise in government OVERREACH of monumental proportions to put the Nation through a FAKE FEAR campaign to justify the corona virus inspired “lockdowns”. The article you referenced below was superb.

    Nowadays these bureaucrats must purposely DEFAME the TRUE (real world) experts in their respective fields of practice by which they can only survive with a record of ACTUAL performance where they have to engage in constant competition for excellence to stay in business. In other words, their success depends on their reputation amongst their customers who will judge them every day according to their satisfaction of the medical care provided. This is one of the bed rock foundations of merit based CAPITALISM, which is a source of hatred of the Marxist Left and their followers in the ASS, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Academia, Big Politics, Big Welfare, Big Unions, Big Globalists, Big Oligarchs, Big Entertainment, Big Sports, and so forth.

    There is an additional genuine expert (Dr. Michael Yeadon) that I viewed recently that spells out the diabolical LIE that the “promoters of the lockdown” are using, [while asserting their FAKE expertise in order to gain control (my opinion)]. These “promoters” used the fake media to override the opinion and successes of TRUE medical professionals by DEMONIZING them in spite of contrary data that illustrated their competence. These medical professionals were only driven by their desire to SAVE lives, in spite of being shouted down and “cancelled” by the Leftist followers and their promoters of the CCP disinformation strategy. Given the love affair that the Washington and Media Swamps have had the last 4 years with DISINFORMATION, my common sense in early 2020 was ready to reject the “rush to lockdown”, fear inspired, strategy that the Marxist Left continued to expand and exploit without hard evidence and agreement with real medical experts in the field of virology and the treatment of viral diseases.

    Please see the following video link. Dr. Mike Yeadon’s comments are available from minutes 4-26 in the video. This is a must see exposition of the corona virus infection characteristics and the spike protein vaccine facts by one of the world’s true experts in the field. As Paul said, “It’s time to throw the experts out” and fire the “expertocracy”. As the UNNECESSARY DEATHS AND ECONOMIC DAMAGES are being quantified due to the CCP and their followers in the ASS, there may be defendants identified who may be charged with “crimes against humanity” as the truth continues to slither out.

  4. Matthew E says:

    There definitely is an expert issue no doubt, I agree. A big step in doing what you’re suggesting occurred in our last Presidential election, so we’re off to a good start. The expert on all things. One big issue in comparison of ” The Greatest Generation ” to since that time is ” Integrity ” all but non existent now. And winning wars , WWII was a fight against fascism, everything in more recent times has more or less to gain or protect ” Elites ” interests, although it’s said to protect our ” Freedom”. I suppose theirs a connection there minimally, one could argue that point.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Huh? I suppose “theirs” a connection to your post and the subject? I am really trying hard, but so far, nothing seems to connect. Maybe a cold crisp can of Kiepersol Fizzy Vit will give me more appreciation for the nuance. Cheers!

      • Matthew E says:

        Yea,well apparently despite all Paul said you apparently only comprehend one part, ” Fauci” ,and maybe you should consider you’re possible state of mind, since you’re suggesting alcoholic beverage . I’m thinking that might explain a lot,maybe a whole lot. You said it not me. Maybe he should only write editorials a few sentences long. ” We have so called experts in our government, their bad, not very bright,biased, Fauci bad Liberals bad “. Maybe something like that would be better? Personally I like how he’s doing his editorials, there’s examples , etc that help explain his thought process on his view. He’s thinking on his own not just repeating talking points being beat to death in the media.Unlike many responses to his editorials. But maybe it needs adjustments. Oh yea, ” All due respect “.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          You are absolutely correct Mr. Evans! Thanks for the explanation; I now understand the nuance…..I think.

          • C M Solomon says:

            Ron, I just couldn’t let this go unsaid and you surely don’t need my opinion. I’m sure it is obvious to you that the “bubbleheads” always accuse you of EXACTLY what they are guilty of, such as when their simplistic, disjointed, contradictory, and irrational statements/arguments are almost totally beyond comprehension. Sometimes it is best to leave them alone in order for them to stew in their self-imposed “delusions of grandeur”.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Matthew, I have to agree with Ron. Your comments are generally difficult to follow. No offense intended, but that is my impression, and I’m not having a similar experience with other writers on this site.

      • Matthew E says:

        Well fair enough, it may be possible because mine are very unlike others more or less , obviously in that yall simply just support each other ( Agree ) with each other. I typically comment on various points in what people say,which brings comprehension into play. Example is my initial response to Paul’s Editorial, I make numerous comments on things he references in his comments. Yea it does require a little thought as I mentioned to someone not long ago, and I don’t doubt my writing skills could stand improvement, but it’s not a competition. Also trying to condesnce things and be clear isn’t easy.

  5. Richard Anderson says:

    Topflight column Mr. Gleiser. You are so right on!!

    The ever bloviating Dr. Fauci should be jettisoned (i.e. as in dismissed) as he clearly has a conflict of interest and an agenda. And what is troubling is that “his” agenda is NOT serving the interest of everyday American citizens of goodwill, nor The United States of America.

    These over rated unelected government bureaucrats and other experts from these elitist schools –“ivy places on high– have become infested with leftists who are UNFRIENDLY and AT ODDS with the vast majority of American citizens and the American way of life, American citizens who still cherish Capitalist rugged individualism and FREEDOM over Marxist totalitarian collectivism.

    We are now learning thru various confirmations, that President Trump HAS indeed been right and true on so many things, and the experts “so-called” have been WRONG and have mislead “We The People” via numerous false news stories. Just one for instance, the time when he walked over to the church near “The White House” Bible in hand. Reports falsely said at the time that “he” had the rioters cleared out because he just wanted a photo op. That was a LIE.

    Voting for President Trump twice (2016 & 2020) are the best votes I have ever cast. What is so refreshing about DJT is that he does what he says he is going to do and that as a Republican, he has governed conservatively with ACTION. In other words, he is STRONG on follow thru to get it done!

    I shall vote for him again as well as continuing voting conservative Republican down ballot, and supporting those Republican candidates he endorses in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

    The current temporary occupant of “The Office of President” is something I have never seen in my lifetime and frankly, he is but a “bubbleheaded old man” who does NOT in any way shape of form represent the AMERICA I know and hold dear.. that being our beloved Constitutional Republic as Founded in 1776 under GOD.

    • Richard Anderson says:

      Note: To clarify, my use of the words “old man” in my above post along with the adjective before, was meant to say what a tragedy it is to “grow old without having gained in wisdom,” while instead being just as sophomoric as one was in his early youth.

      To expand on this, Biden is causing incalculable damage to The United States of America in so many ways. One which comes to mind is that by Biden pushing the dems ‘grean new deal,” he is strengthening AMERICA’S two arch rivals.. China and Russia. Biden’s unwarranted and stupid attack on fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) is causing oil prices to go up “giving” Russia billions in added $ petrodollars. As well, much, if not most of solar componentry.. wind mill parts, solar panels, and rare earth minerals will be coming from CCP (communist) China, which is not just a rival, but now an open enemy. CCP China, is should be noted, is not just the ENEMY of the U.S.A., but of FREEDOM and Capitalism around the globe. I hope every reader of this post ponders over these words that Biden is a de facto wrecking ball and hater of all things AMERICAN, this means you, me, and all our citizenry!

      There is NO sane reason why this man (or others) are doing this. Under President Trump’s leadership, the U.S.A. had achieved energy independence as well as securing America’s place as the world’s “Number 1 Superpower” and “Number 1 Energy Producer,” but Biden is throwing it all away. Yes, Biden IS a bubblehead as is his VP.

      • Matthew E says:

        Sophomoric , Biden ? And DJT was the opposite I assume you’re suggesting, in his behavior and speaking, ok then. If oil prices go up that means American oil Companies and workers benefit ,isn’t that a good thing? Parts for solar and wind energy systems, I thought a lot of manufacturing came back to U.S. last administration from China ,promises made promises kept I’ve heard about so much,although I’ve never heard any specific data ( numbers ) on how much supposedly returned . And top energy producer, well we sure get a lot of oil elsewhere from some unsavory people being that we’re so ” Independent “, have to wonder how that fits in .And selling ship loads of oil overseas, not sure how that fits either , moving out of Corpus, in the energy capital of U.S. ” Great State of Texas” . I must say ,there’s some contradictions with things people are saying. And you can’t have you’re cake and eat to . Transitioning off petroleum for ( some) energy for consumers would be a very gradual thing , not sure how that equates to hating America.

        • Richard Anderson says:

          Biden and the evil leftist Marxist democrat cabal who are pulling his strings are about one thing and one thing only.. CONTROL/POWER. The Constitution and We The People don’t matter in their eyes.

          I say, ANYONE or GROUP* (*i.e. Biden and cabal) who have caused the wanton loss of TENS of THOUSANDS of excellent paying jobs of American men, and women who support their families is indeed a HATER of all things AMERICAN.

          One of Biden’s “proud” accomplishments is as soon as he staked his claim to power as president, he deliberately and with MALICE demolished the entire XL Keystone Pipeline Project. Only GOD knows the full scope of the evil why and who are all involved in this, but the American people are beginning to see behind the veil which is becoming ever so thin by the day covering the graft, grift, and corruption of the Biden administration and its VERY BAD actors who should be fired i.e. VOTED OUT of the federal government, if not brought before the BAR of JUSTICE. NOW cannot be too soon, IMHO.

          Also, the stopping of construction on completion of President Trump’s Border Wall by the Biden administration serves only one purpose.. TO FLOOD the U.S.A. with as many undocumented illegal foreign nationals as possible by these individuals, as it is being “prayed” for by the dems to forever RUIN any future hopes of another Republican president. And I could keep on listing Biden’s malicious decisions (or of those) calling the shots of that cabal. This is what evil looks like.

          But GOOD shall TRIUMPH over EVIL as AMERICAN men and women from all walks of life are seeing these events, and are taking action. And be sure of this, THEY KNOW WHAT’S going on –Americans aren’t dumb– even though the legacy media is trying to mislead them.

          GOD Bless America and President Trump — he WILL be back and sooner rather than later I predict.

          • Matthew E says:

            Keystone pipeline, I understood it to be estimated around nine thousand ( temporary) jobs, and union at that apparently. Has conservatives come around to idea that union jobs is a good thing? Job loss is always very bad thing, happens all the time ,two companies in the DFW area announced around 150 – 200 layoffs recently, who can we blame for that? Who in the end truly would reap the benefits of that particular pipeline? Unfortunately that isn’t even a blip on the radar in the big picture, just something to grab hold of and blow WAY out of proportion. It’s all part of the “Head Game ” same old song and dance.

          • Richard Anderson says:

            [In reply to Matthew E]

            There would be NOTHING TEMPORARY about the numerous permanent BENEFITS to ALL of the U.S.A. regarding a COMPLETED XL PIPELINE providing lower cost energy to American families, farmers, ranchers, and other small businesses.

            There would also be NOTHING TEMPORARY about the numerous permanent BENEFITS to ALL of the U.S.A. regarding a COMPLETED BORDER WALL providing security from illegal foreign nationals flooding AMERICA as well as from gangs (MS13, and from dangerous deadly drugs such as fentanyl.

            No way no how can the current administration defend its WICKED policies which are harming ALL Americans and their families.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Amen Richard, the only thing that I question is the origin of all these “America last policies”. I do not think this bubblehead has a clue; he is only following orders from those that put him in office. However, there may be some self-preservation motivation also; no telling what incriminating slime China, Russia, and others may have on him and his family.

        • C M Solomon says:

          The one thing that I forgot to add was that the bubbleheads all share a fatal flaw. They can not recognize a blatant LIE and are unable to separate TRUTH from FICTION (LIES) when it stares them in the face. If this flaw is allowed to continue and grow, they will turn into a brainless “fence post” for which NO debate is possible.

          • Matthew E says:

            Many in this country seem to suffer from the recognition of a lie ” affliction ” you mentioned. Also the inability to admit you’ve been had is another . They say a lot of fraud is estimated to go unreported because people are to embarrassed or to proud to admit someone got over on them. It is not a sign of weakness or a flaw to admit you’ve been dooped. Also this thing where it’s somehow not the same or as bad if my team did it is equally as ridiculous.

        • Matthew E says:

          Lower cost in energy ,really ? And from completing one particular pipeline? And whose trying to pass on lower cost,sounds good though. I’m betting it would take a lot more than that particular pipeline. Well there’s only roughly 200 miles of ( new ) wall so far,we’ll see how that goes. If Steve hadn’t been siphoning off some of donated funds along with that poor ” Veteran” they left holding the bag ,from the “”We build the Wall ” foundation, after Steve was pardoned, might be further along by now.

          • Richard Anderson says:

            The current ant-American Biden administration is AGAINST ALL NEW PIPELINES and FOSSIL FUEL –at least here at home in our own country!! It’s part of their “GLOBAL” world view of putting America Last.

            In stark contrast, President Trump is AMERICA FIRST and the American people first as are all conservative Republicans. (Remember that and you’ll never vote for any Democrat ever again.)

            WALLS WORK. Governor Greg Abbott, of the Great State of Texas is going to take it upon himself to FINISH the Wall in Texas that the boondoggle Biden administration foolishly stopped. The Biden administration should be sent the bill because THEY are NOT doing their job, and real AMERICANS who love the U.S.A. know it.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Richard and Ron, I think I have figured this out. For those who obviously despise Trump and dismiss his incredible accomplishments, yet admire the bungling Biden administration and his accomplishments in order to CONTINUE the Obama scheme to ‘Fundamentally Change America’, I say, “it takes a ‘bubblehead’ to know and appreciate another ‘bubblehead’, with all due nuanced respect.” Yes, Biden is, and has been, a dangerous and criminal fool that fed off the crime infested Democrat Party, the Administrative State Swamp (ASS), and his cozy relationship with the CCP, to enrich himself at the expense of all Americans who may have falsely trusted in his manufactured “integrity”. This Democrat creature of the Swamp has been a member in good standing since January 5, 1971. He and his dementia make him a perfect sock puppet for the Left to control and advance the Obama Marxist agenda.

        I think Obama and his Commiecrats have been orchestrating the events of the last four years since the unexpected and stunning defeat of Queen Hillary to regain power in Washington, regardless of the horrendous damage that would be inflicted on our Nation as a result. These orchestrated events include EVERYTHING from the Ukraine-Russia hoax, impeachment debacle, COVID-19 induced false pandemic, school and business lockdowns, social distancing and mask fiascos, the 24 hour media pandemic fear campaign, the excuse to radically expand untraceable mail-in ballots due to virus fears, and the totally (and purposefully) inept Justice Department activity to quell the Commiecrat sponsored BLM and ANTIFA riots and insurrections across the nation. All of this was intended to defeat Trump by stealing the election and destroying his record setting economic and social achievements. This would allow big government Marxism to bring Commiecrats into power in order to rush in with a disastrous multi-trillion dollar rescue package and associated draconian regulations and executive orders that would enslave the American population for generations to come and turn us into a One Party dictatorship.

        • Matthew E says:

          I doubt there’s a whole lot of real Biden fans out there particularly. And yea a whole lot of folks obviously wanted DJT to go away . Only thing that might help is convince all these people that Conservatism is the answer,regardless of the leadership. I don’t think what their selling those folks are interested in buying. It’s getting harder and harder it seems,it’s a real circus these days when looking at who’s representing.

  6. Darrell Durham says:

    I came across the following link to a story about a Soviet propaganda expert that details the socialist agenda in fighting democracy. It sounds familiar and offers fascinating insight into the current administration, and democrats in general, and their “vision of unity”.

  7. Ron+Eagleman says:

    May we return to the subject of Paul’s commentary? These experts, who have such an enormous effect on our lives and livelihood, are the least qualified to make those decisions. Government jobs offer those who cannot compete in the free market a safe place. The promise of a guaranteed salary, healthcare, generous benefits, including countless holidays, and most importantly, job security regardless of incompetence is a magnet for these “experts”. There is nothing surprising about the results we are witnessing. With these “expert “employees, a private enterprise company would be history in short order.

    • C M Solomon says:

      One of the defining characteristics of the perpetual and entrenched “incompetent experts” in PROTECTED government bureaucracies is their loyalty to the Marxist cause where there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for their actions that result in destruction or death TO OTHERS. That is why the “expertocracy”, the FAKE media, and their partners in Big Tech form a great and powerful team to defraud the American people of their Liberties, The last 4 years are a text book example of HOW TO DO IT! It may be a mistake to call it incompetence when they are carrying out a despicable and deadly Marxist plan as willing fellow travelers.

      • Matthew E says:

        There is definitely a big accountability problem for sure. The lack of support for getting to the ” real ” bottom of Jan 6th is a great example, people going above and beyond to minimize if not deny all that truly transpired at our nation’s capital. Look how short the investigation of 9/11 was ,when you look at what happened. At least now we know ( all ) media is fake , that is one accomplishment from last administration . It’s all business, ratings , in the name of propaganda entertainment.

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Isn’t it interesting that those “rioters” were not armed and the only person who was killed was a woman, (military veteran at that! ) killed by Capital Police that were shooting at what; unarmed people. If that incident (which I DO NOT condone at all ) was indeed a riot, the Capital would have burned to the ground and many others would have been hurt or killed. The investigation of and ongoing WASTE of taxpayer money in the ad nausea search for illegal whatever of President Trump is nonsense and cover for the completely illegal and illegitimate activities of the Democrats and their Marxist allies. YES SIR, most of the media is complicit in their reporting and made up fabrications of all things Trump. It certainly IS NOT about ratings because if it were, CNN and MSNBC would already be out of business!!!! Period!!! What makes my head explode is the fact the experts think they can spin their web of bovine grass droppings and all of us ordinary Joe’s believe it. But as their manifesto says, “say it enough and the lie becomes the truth.” Drop the Jan 6th riot crapola; only person who died was guilty of what? Being in the wrong place when some trigger happy police guy shot her and the outcry from the media did basically nothing.

          • Matthew E says:

            Great point at the end,say it enough and people believe it ,exactly. Oh yea and as someone said recently keep accusing the other of what you’re doing, huh, that sounds familiar. Burning to the ground defines a ” riot” ? Ok. Waste of money to do a thorough investigation of that ” Not a Riot” incident, seems everyone would want answers,unless one doesn’t want to know because the truth doesn’t matter ,or accountability which I thought was so important as stated recently. Again contradictions abound it seems. And last but not least ” Fake News “, so we’ll never get the truth anyway.

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Yes Matthew, we will NEVER get the truth about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s dealings with China or the Ukraine. Bill and Hillary Clinton on Whitewater, renting out the Lincoln Bedroom of the Whitehouse to China. How about Benghazi and the killing of our Ambassador and the security team members from a full fledged terrorist assault, spying on the Trump campaign right out of the gate of announcing his candidacy for President, lies, lies, lies and more lies and fraud on Trump/ Ukraine deal that lead to two completely false Impeachments (waste of millions of tax dollars by the Dems), not going to name all the Obama years corruption because not enough space. How about FBI Director James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb a.k.a Peter Strzok and Lisa Page FISA abuse and fraud. Shall I go on? The Democrats and their allies are nothing more than Mafia, Marxist, and anti-American. Democrats blessing on Antifa and BLM; btw where did that $90 million go that disappeared from the BLM bank account that us taxpayers forked over without our knowledge? Isn’t that theft? Accountability? Brother you can toss out your nuggets on accountability and whatever else bashing President Trump and rest of us; but nothing can compare to the numerous illegal, illegitimate acts of crime the Democrats have perpetuated against the American people in the Clinton and Obama years; now the Biden term.
          And they, the Dems are just getting warmed up. How about the Border? HUH? You all for wholesale open borders? What say you?

  8. Matthew E says:

    Seems to me regardless of one’s party affiliation, which I haven’t one, both sides are equally corrupt in many ways. They simply pander to two distinctly different mind sets,and some float around the middle. As I often say ,two things characterize their ( politicians) jobs, reelection, and doing their big donors bidding, oh yea ,and continuing the scherade that ” We the People ” have a say, while they bilk us as much as they can.They simply cater to ” Big Money “. The open border as you call it,it to shall pass and fade away sooner than later, and something else we come along and they’ll latch on and exploit that,stoking fear as always, and the cash registers keep ringing.

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