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Overspent and overdrawn.

The federal government is spending more while taking in less. Understanding the consequences doesn’t require an Ivy-league degree.

The problem that’s not going away.

Start with the debt that he inherited and add to it the $2.5 trillion that it is now estimated that he will add by the end of 2019 and you find that President Trump is racking up debt at a pace only slightly less than that of Barack Obama.

$20 trillion for what?

No nation has ever borrowed so much money. No nation has ever spent so much money. Never in human history has so much money been spent with so little to show for having spent it.

Who really sets the debt limit?

Bill and Marge have been hitting the VISA card each month to close the gap between what they earn and what they spend. Their reckoning is coming. The U.S. Government needs to learn from Bill and Marge.