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Obama & Bergdahl: A complete embarrassment.

Franklin Roosevelt would never have traded five dangerous enemies of the United States for one Army deserter. Not even the feckless Jimmy Carter would have made such a fool of himself.

It’s not Obama we’re after. It’s big government.

Some people believe that the trifecta of scandals now engulfing the White House affords an opportunity to impeach President Obama. Those people are wrong. President Obama will serve out his term. To try to make it otherwise would be overreach. Besides, there are bigger fish to fry. President Obama isn’t the problem. The problem is big-government liberalism. And the opportunity to discredit that ideology is ripe. Since the 2008 campaign, the president has sought to...

Benghazi: Can we get the truth, now?

Tomorrow, (05/08) Gregory Hicks, the former number two man at the American embassy in Libya, is scheduled to testify before Congress. The topic: the attacks of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Small business. Not big government.

America’s entire $15 trillion economy stands on the shoulders of men and women who run, nurture and, when necessary, act as blood donors to the small businesses they themselves started — a fact to which the Obama administration is utterly blind.

A funeral procession.

NASA did its best to dress its deliveries of retired space shuttles to their respective final resting places as victory laps. They were no such thing. They were funeral processions.

Why you may be frustrated.

If you’re frustrated or scared I think I know why. Not only is nothing being done about our problems, little of use is even being said.

Nothing to run on.

If you were a true Obama believer during the 2008 campaign, the State of the Union address Tuesday had to have rung hollow when listened to against the backdrop of three years of actual experience under an Obama administration.

It doesn’t matter.

President Obama recently said that it doesn’t really matter who the Republican nominee winds up being. For once, I agree with him.

Obama’s State of the Campaign speech.

So now it’s the American Jobs Act and $400 billion in the form of money that we don’t have to be thrown at fixing roads and bridges and job training for the unemployed.

The triumph of ideology over experience.

The countdown has begun toward President Obama’s much-anticipated “major policy statement” on jobs. If you watch it, keep a company called Solyndra in mind.

Insulated from reality.

When the president delivers his major policy announcement on jobs and the economy Sept. 5, let’s all make it a point to remember last year’s $20 million jobs program in Seattle.