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It’s time to shut ‘er down.

Republicans may wish to avoid a fight with Democrats that results in a government shutdown. But wishing not to fight and refusing to fight are two different things. It’s time to fight.

Can they stand the heat?

How closely are you watching what’s going on in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Brown and his standoff with the public employee unions? How closely are you following the battle in Congress regarding the Republicans’ demand to immediately cut spending as a condition of keeping the government funded beyond Friday? I still go work and show up at my daughter’s soccer games and otherwise live my life, but I’m nonetheless following the stories very closely. And...

One last shot.

Three days after Christmas in 1975 the Dallas Cowboys were faced with ending their season by losing the NFC Divisional Playoff Game.

W: “You don’t approve of me? I’m outta here.”

Click here to listen to the broadcast of You Tell Me on Newstalk 600 KTBB, Friday, May 23, 2008. I got an e-mail the other day from my friend Mike Tomlinson containing an imaginary resignation letter from a fed up President Bush. I like the premise but the letter needed a rewrite and I have given it one. Here it is. My fellow Americans, All available data shows that between seven and eight out of...