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The Elites v. the Folks

Somewhere back there, the political contest quietly shifted from Democrats vs. Republicans to Elites vs. the Folks. It’s almost as if new political parties got formed.

A heads-up comparison.

So, there it was, on the same night. Rocking, pulsating, electric energy in Milwaukee. Sleepy, predictable leftist policy pabulum in Des Moines.

You'll never hear them say it.

You’ll never hear them say it.

You will not hear anyone in the mainstream media say that making a policy demand as government funding is about to run out is a perfectly legitimate prerogative of elected legislators.

Lose big enough and one day you won’t matter at all.

Republicans are in many ways replicating the experience of the Southwest Conference and its once prestigious Cotton Bowl game. Largely through fecklessness and self-inflicted injury, Republicans are forfeiting their standing as a governing party.