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It starts at school.

Even though information on any topic is readily available with the tap of a finger, the American populace is both less informed and simultaneously more misinformed than at any time in the last century.

A call to greatness.

Trump did, Tuesday night, what presidents are hired to do – call the country to be its best.

Leftists and their delusions.

Bright-eyed lefties look at America’s wealth and they say to themselves, “There’s plenty to go around. Let’s spread it.”

How many former East Germans would vote for Bernie?

Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is seriously challenging frontrunner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination for president. Sanders is particularly popular among young voters – those we now call “millennials.”

Believing in the tooth fairy.

When you examine Tuesday’s results from the New Hampshire primary, it becomes immediately apparent that we have reached some sort of crossroads on the 240 year-long American political journey.