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Is this the best we can do?

Biden said he wasn’t going to give an inch and Speaker McCarthy made him give a couple of feet. (It was nowhere close to a mile.) But it all comes at the cost of raising the U.S. debt ceiling by $4.0 trillion.

Overspent and overdrawn.

The federal government is spending more while taking in less. Understanding the consequences doesn’t require an Ivy-league degree.

Epic corruption.

The story of Biden family corruption gets worse by the day, and soon will force us to cover our noses and mouths lest we be overcome by the stench.

Woke capitalism: a contradiction in terms.

Wokeness leads to diversity hiring that ticks this or that socially conscious box but fails to put the best person in place to do the work necessary for the enterprise to succeed.

Why Trump still matters.

It’s hard for Democrats, members of the elite media and Republican Never-Trumpers to argue that Trump’s presidency wasn’t a policy success.

The real culprits.

Here in 2023 the permanent federal bureaucracy is now effectively a government unto itself, functionally detached from accountability to the either the Congress or the people.