He just keeps getting worse.

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Paul GleiserHe just keeps getting worse.

Every time I think to myself that Joe Biden and his administration cannot get worse – that he has hit rock bottom, the very basement of terribleness – he proves me wrong.

Now he wants to grant, via executive order, what amounts to amnesty to more than 500,000 illegal immigrants. The proposition is that an illegal immigrant who has been in the country for 10 years or more and is married to an American citizen will be granted “parole in place” status.

What this means in plain English is that these people who are in the country illegally need not fear deportation. What’s more, they will move ahead in the line for receipt of a green card, which will grant them permanent legal residence in the United States.

Administration rationale for this move is, of course, cloaked in humanitarian language. “We’ll be keeping families together,” they’re saying. “It’s a recognition of the basic humanity of people who have lived and worked in this country,” they tell us.

Don’t be fooled.

And forget for the moment that this move constitutes a material change to U.S. immigration policy and should thus be debated and voted on by our representatives in Congress, rather than being put in place by the stroke of the executive pen. The simple fact is that Biden and his fellow travelers talk a lot about democracy, but they have very limited patience for it. That is particularly true when the democratic process as exercised by We the People doesn’t favor their far-left policies.

Poll after poll tells us that a decisive majority of Americans oppose Biden’s immigration policies. Most Americans are hardworking and clear thinking. They know that the country cannot withstand the social, fiscal and national security impact attendant to millions and millions of poor, social services consuming, largely unskilled, largely uneducated and – to an unknown but inevitable degree – criminally inclined migrants pouring across our wide-open southern border.

I have asked myself many times why, when the polls clearly reveal that Biden’s immigration policy is wildly unpopular, he pursues it anyway.

My tinfoil hat inner voice whispers to me that Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by Chinese leader Xi Jingping and that XI wants to knock the United States off its perch as the big dog on the world stage. One way to do that is to destabilize the U.S. socially and politically by flooding the country will illegal immigrants. In other words, Xi knows what he wants and Biden is doing as he’s told.

But Occam’s razor tells us that the simplest explanation is the most likely explanation, and the simple explanation is this.

This latest immigration policy move is nothing more and nothing less than a vote grab by an increasingly desperate incumbent president and his increasingly far-left political party.

For the Dems, it’s a short putt from “parole in place” to “eligible to vote.”

Half a million new voters. Let that sink in while you remember that the 2020 election was decided by fewer than 40,000 votes.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. Clifton Mire says:

    Hey Paul as usual great post, but I do have one problem with what you said. I’m beginning to most Americans are not clear thinking. If the majority of American voters were clear thinking Biden would never have been elected president. I hope Trump wins and I will vote for him. I just wish we had a younger candidate with less baggage.

    • Mike says:

      Hey Clifton, I too thought the same thing in 2020. I told myself that the American people are not THAT stupid and blind. Did they every prove me wrong! Trump Derangement Syndrome is as real as it gets. TDS not only renders people deaf but blind and incapable of rational thinking. We can only hope the chaos and economic pain caused by this Administration has become so severe, that a change must be made.

  2. Hoerschel Hoffman says:

    I remain alarmed and disgusted that our nation cannot identify and promote more worthy candidates for President–on either side. Both are classical narcissists lacking moral, spiritual and ethical integrity and are a threat to our democracy. Biden is bad, Trump is no better. The GOP left me behind long ago. We are in deep trouble. The sycophants for both despots are blind to what we’re facing. Come quickly Lord Jesus. I see no redeeming value with our leadership at any level and am preparing to ride out the storm that will surely follow the coming election of two self-absorbed, doddering kleptocrats.

  3. Ellan says:

    Hate to say this, but I will write in Ross Perot.. Neither Biden or Trump impress me. Biden is sufering from age issues, as am I at times. However, The Republican party has no compassion for incest or rape vicims/survivors (I’m a survivor of one…my sister didn’ survive the oher). Our Texas governor even tried to stop the morning after pill.

    Republican women, pre-Roe seniors and he survivors of incest, rape and the mothers life will vote blue. I wont but won’t vote red either. Interesting that so many radio talk shows are on stations that have constant ED commercials and yet the hosts want babies born no matter if they are alive or dead. Before ROE, a good friend had to carry a lifeless baby till time to deliver. NO woman should go through this. The total PRO-LIFER talk show hosts should be forced to sit with a brutally raped woman or teen from incest in he ER….

  4. Christopher Clarke says:

    The answer to the question of why he does this or anything is simple-because he knows he can get away with it,

  5. Linda E. Montrose says:

    In 2020 the left was going to win come hook or crook. It wasn’t that people didn’t vote, it was what went on in the darkness we could NOT see…it was planned this way.
    By the way, Ellan, I voted for Ross Perot not once but TWICE. I voted for this reason, the reason we SHOULD or SHOULD NOT vote for someone, because he WAS the BEST person for the job. I do NOT regret voting for him despite it allowed someone who was not the best person to be in the oval office. I voted my values and who would have been BEST person for the job!
    I look at it this way, you can allow personalities sway your vote or you can do the RIGHT thing and vote what is BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY! Which means voting for the greater good. I believe that President Trump has proven his worth many times over. Give me one person who has done what he said he would instead of making campaign promises only to kick the can down the road. Then give me just ONE person who did not take the salary provided for a President, who instead gave it to charities…would YOU do this?
    When you vote or don’t vote for someone because of some petty reason like “I don’t like his tweets” or some other petty reason, you are doing a grave disservice to yourself and this Country. Look beyond yourself!!! We have problems GREATER than your dislike of President Trump. For one , the BORDER. Do you realize that in New York an illegal forced and tied up two 13 yr olds and raped 13 yr old girl? Then in HOUSTON, two illegals who have been here less than a month according to one news source, raped and killed a 12yr old girl! They are in jail without bond and charged with capital murder! THIS is reality now with the current idiot in the oval office. It will continue if you don’t put aside your petty differences and THINK before you vote!!!

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