Trump the Roadrunner.

Paul GleiserTrump the Roadrunner.

The Democrats have thrown everything at Donald Trump. Russia collusion investigations. Impeachment. And most recently, kangaroo court felony convictions.

None of it has worked. Trump is gaining strength. A tsunami of campaign cash is pouring in.

The Dems must feel like Wile E. Coyote. Every surefire ACME-inspired political explosive they have deployed against Donald Trump has detonated in their faces.

You can just see them (between panic attacks) scratching their heads and asking themselves, “Why?”

You and I, on the other hand, are not the least bit puzzled. To someone living in the real world rather than a coastal, liberal bubble, it couldn’t be more obvious.

Food was nearly a third less expensive when Trump was president. No new wars erupted on Trump’s watch. Peace was breaking out in the Middle East. ISIS was neutralized. Xi Jingping, Kim Jong-un and the mullahs of Iran were all minding their manners.

Millions of illegal immigrants were not flooding across our southern border. The economy was expanding. Ordinary Americans had money to spend. Real wages were rising. Inflation was low. The middle class was expanding. We were on the verge of energy independence. Boys weren’t playing girls’ sports. We could buy whatever car we wanted.

And here’s a key reason. Unlike every election since 1892 – when Grover Cleveland, like Donald Trump, was running for a third time hoping to secure a second, non-consecutive term – this time around, we don’t have to guess or try to imagine what the administration of the winner will be like.

We’re living with the Biden administration. We remember the Trump administration. The comparison couldn’t be more stark.

All of this to say that it looks like Trump can win on November 5.

Are you ready for what happens next?

If Trump wins, the Left is going to come unglued. It will be far worse than 2016. For the media and the Dems, a Biden loss won’t be because of his dismal record. It won’t be the result of literally having nothing to which Biden can point and say, “This is why I deserve a second term.”

If Biden loses, Democrats won’t gracefully accept the verdict and vow to do better next time. They will revert to form. They’ll try to delegitimize Trump’s victory. They’ll say Biden lost because of some malign force in league with a criminally guilty Donald Trump. Even though it was roundly debunked the first time, count on the Dems to trot out Russia Collusion 2.0.

If Democrats win the House – an acknowledged possibility – a cavalcade of House investigations will immediately follow. (Buckle up for Impeachment 3.0.)

What won’t happen is any introspection. Never will Democrats (or the media – the two function as one), be curious as to why voters would prefer a baggage-laden guy like Donald Trump. They’ll lash out instead.

Plain and simple, if Trump wins, his every day will be a raging maelstrom.

I wish it weren’t so. It will be bad for the country.

But no matter. Because the alternative is just too awful to contemplate.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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11 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Wile E. Coyote… a perfect analogy!

  2. Linda E. Montrose says:

    For quite sometime now I have called the left the party of Wylie Coyote mainly because THEY NEVER LEARN! They scramble to purchase an anvil here and TNT there to either flatten the Roadrunner or blow him up but always miss their mark! THEY end up squashed or blown up or going over a cliff. NOTHING describes the left better and this time will be no different…I hear the BEEP BEEP of the Roadrunner right now crossing the finish line!
    Never was a fan of cartoons but somehow the Roadrunner always had my attention because GOOD always wins over evil in the end!

  3. Shirley says:

    My favorite bird….love a roadrunner!!!!

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    Yet another outstanding column, clear, concise and to the point, but your closing remarks trouble me. Yes, the alternative to Donald Trump is indeed “just to awful to contemplate,” but the unspoken undercurrent seems to be that Trump is the less awful candidate. But for all the reasons you cited in your column Donald Trump is by far the best presidential candidate, not just when measured against his pathetic and wholly corrupt opponent, but measured against any other candidates the Democrats might put forward, AND any other candidate the Republicans could produce.

    Donald Trump deserves respect and praise for his amazing courage and fortitude in standing up to endless and unjust progressive assaults, attacks delivered relentlessly and at times abetted by those who should know better, attacks that would have reduced the typical politician to whimpering jelly. But Donald Trump is no politician. Warts and all, he is a man in a time when men have become harder to find. Best that we praise Donald Trump, rather than condemn him for the vast majority of controversy which is not of his making.

    Unless most voting Americans are blithering idiots, Donald Trump will win the election.

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      Buddy, I’m not talking about an alternative to a “less awful” Donald Trump. I’m talking about an alternative to the all-too-certain “maelstrom” as I characterize it in the piece. We will be forced to suffer that maelstrom.

      Suffer it we must, however.

      For the price of not suffering it is re-electing Joe Biden. That’s a price we cannot afford.

      • Let me get in on this. We had a good legal system before Obama and Biden got into it – and don’t look at me with glazed eyes and say, “but he isn’t president anymore.” He never sets foot in the the Whitehouse but he has two offices. One in D.C and another in Chicago where he “trains” people how to be community organizers. Since 1969 when my department was dealing with truckloads of illegal aliens coming to work in a local plant our guys caught them. The scenes looked just like you see today. We asked the Federal Government to come get them and they refused. We have the instruments to catch everyone of Biden’s new Democrat voters, the feds will transport them back over the Rio Grande. We have needed for years a well developed system to jail them. The feds have never had holding facilities to do that. There would be no harm in using reservists to load them up and move them in troop transports from local police to a fed facility or the border if there were holding places and the willingness to do it. Wiley is more clever that we think.
        Now, I’d like to address Shirley who appreciates Road Runners. One of the places I was a working as a police officer the job kept me running into the backwoods of Central Texas. They had Road Runners there, and an overreach of nature caused too many. While riding the back roads, you would see Road Runners following a mother Quail and her flightless chicks. The Road Runner would take its time and swallow up those chicks like college kids at an oyster bar. We should never paint the opposition as phony or helpless, for when you aren’t looking you have no idea how many innocents will be swallowed up.

        • Greg R says:

          Reminds me of when I worked for a construction company back in the 70s. We did maintenance and construction work in the Fort Worth area. On any given day I.N.S. Would raid the place and leave with 90-100 illegals that would literally shut the place down. Come Monday morning TVIS would be back up and running with a lot of different faces. Point being, you’re not going to stop the illegal invasion until you put a hefty fine on those who hire them, and if that doesn’t work, jail time. There, I said it.

          • Bill Paschall says:

            Or, you could place a 30% tax on goods and services crossing the Mexican border, and limit the power of the cartels. If we put a 30% tax on money going south via transfer, as well as same on things coming north, Mexico will feel it. We will too granted, however we have many alternatives the Mexicans don’t. Imagine the fallout if tourism and agricultural product sales crashed by 30%, and lets not forget the multiplier effect and what it will do to the Mexican economy. We finish the border wall, complete with armed guards in towers, drones and troops with lots of barking dogs that bite like they belong to Joe Biden, you will greatly impede the cartels ability to ship people, drugs and money north to the US. This is a formula for success!

  5. Jim says:

    Let’s revisit this discussion on Aug 22. That’s the day the Democratic National Convention wraps up. And I’m not convinced that Biden will come out of the convention as the Democratic nominee. I’m not a political pundit or have a view on how this unfolds. But there are a couple of things that are apparent……1) the Dems hate Donald Trump with a passion, and 2) even the uneducated voters know that Biden is senile. If there’s a way for the Democratic leadership to change horses, I believe it will happen. All they need to do is to give Independent voters a Trump alternative who can convincingly repeat sound bites and this will be a totally different conversation. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Bill Paschall says:

      But who do they have to put up against Trump? Gavin Newsom, Camala Harris, AOC, Maxene Waters, Bernie Sanders? Who?

      • Donald Nixon says:

        Biden appoints Kamala to a federal judgeship, makes a withdrawal speech at the opening of the convention, the super delegates select Gavin Newsom, Newsom selects whomever as a running mate. Remember that Kamala and Gavin are both part of the California Cabal, so that can work. Also take note that as bad as Gavin has been as governor, he is super slick and being a terrible governor did not hurt Slick Willy.

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