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Egad! Another government shutdown?

We’ve had government shutdowns before. Aside from being unable to visit Carlsbad Caverns or take a White House tour, how badly was your life impacted?

The big government that can’t.

Irrespective of political inclination, Americans are becoming fed up. The creeping incompetence of the federal government is simply too obvious and offers too many examples to be ignored.

Of Democrats and (willful) ignorance.

Since the 1960s, none of the pet policies of those aging 1960s children that we saw on the Democratic debate stage has worked. From welfare to education to health care to economic policy. None of them.

Lemonade: The Sequel

Unlike the countless lemonade stands that set up shop in neighborhoods all over America every summer, one particular lemonade stand drew national attention – to the great consternation of the city elders of Overton.

We may wind up being glad Obamacare passed.

Whatever else happens with Obamacare, one thing is fairly certain. The next proposed big-government solution to a real or perceived big societal problem is likely to be met with considerable skepticism.


Failure in real time.

Liberals believe that there is no societal ill that does not call for a massive dose of government – despite now four full generations of compelling evidence to the contrary.

Jabba vs. Mt. Rushmore.

That the vast majority of federal spending proceeds apace during what is laughingly called a shutdown is testament to the fact that federalism as envisioned by the founders has long slipped its constitutional moorings.