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Overspent and overdrawn.

The federal government is spending more while taking in less. Understanding the consequences doesn’t require an Ivy-league degree.

The problem that’s not going away.

Start with the debt that he inherited and add to it the $2.5 trillion that it is now estimated that he will add by the end of 2019 and you find that President Trump is racking up debt at a pace only slightly less than that of Barack Obama.

Boehner digs in.

One might forgive the president for standing firm on Obamacare, his signature legislative achievement. But there can be no forgiving his intransigence with respect to the rest of the federal budget.

Kicking Big Bird out of the nest.

President Obama is trying to salvage something from an otherwise disastrous debate performance in Denver. That salvage operation has taken the form of going after Mitt Romney for going after Big Bird.

Let Obama have his “Buffett Rule.”

Fine, Mr. President. We’ll give you what you want. But only if you agree to go out in public and accept responsibility, in advance, on behalf of the Democratic Party and liberals everywhere, for the results.

Following Europe’s dangerous path.

Self-reliance means possessing and maintaining the ability to defend one’s self, something of which Europe is now utterly incapable. The president’s proposal to dramatically cut defense spending reveals disturbing parallels for the U.S.

When the goodies stop coming.

The civil unrest earlier this year in Greece, the protracted fight over public employee unions earlier this year in Wisconsin and now a crippling strike in London during the holiday season all serve to illustrate a very important truth. Once the government starts handing out goodies, it’s hard to stop.

Forgiving student debt? Bad idea.

At over $1 trillion, total student debt in the United States now tops total credit card debt.Many debt-laden graduates will never get the money they paid out of their degrees.