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Who will finish the job?

Trump is loathed by the ruling class because he opened the doors, turned on the lights and threw up the window shades.

Fighting back.

Donald Trump almost never throws the first punch. But if one is thrown at him, he very quickly punches back.

Things I wish for.

President Trump’s policies by and large are helping my business and I wish he would be left alone to keep pursuing them. The fewer distractions, the better.

Dynastic disappointment.

Papa Bush’s declaration in favor of Hillary Clinton is a thumb in the collective eye of millions of Republican voters hoping for a Trump victory – voters who, in years past, hoped with equal fervor for Bush victories.

What do we think of Dubya now?

Since President Obama was on hand for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, a little comparison seems inevitable. The comparison rather favors President Bush.