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Out of the shadow thanks to the IRS.

Purely for the mental exercise, let’s imagine that during the presidency of George W. Bush it came to light that the IRS singled out MoveOn.org or Planned Parenthood or some other liberal group for special scrutiny.

The re-run president.

The re-run president.

Just as M*A*S*H was once fresh and original but is today tired and worn out, so too are President Obama’s speeches.

It’s not Obama we’re after. It’s big government.

Some people believe that the trifecta of scandals now engulfing the White House affords an opportunity to impeach President Obama. Those people are wrong. President Obama will serve out his term. To try to make it otherwise would be overreach. Besides, there are bigger fish to fry. President Obama isn’t the problem. The problem is big-government liberalism. And the opportunity to discredit that ideology is ripe. Since the 2008 campaign, the president has sought to...