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The state of American journalism: Exhibit A

If you’re among the dwindling number of Americans who watch the legacy network Sunday shows you saw this past Sunday a prime example of what’s wrong with “journalism” in America.

The real problem here.

Put simply, rather than report on an election outcome, the media sought to bring about an election outcome.

Asked and answered.

I’d be willing to bet that Donald Trump has taken more questions from the media in 44 months than his two predecessors combined took in 16 years.

The New York Times revealed.

I have been searching for a way to concisely describe the smug, condescending, elitist leftism that has taken over substantially all of American journalism. I now have it.

The Media Guild

Does anyone seriously believe that ABC would have spiked a story that would have been damaging to a prominent conservative instead of a prominent liberal like Jeffrey Epstein?