Refusing to speak the truth.

I can’t find it, but I recently saw a comparison graphic that purported to illustrate the political divide bedeviling our country. As I recall, it illustrated polling comparisons between 2010 and 2020 (or some similar period), and it showed that where the political left and the political right in America once shared common ground on about 35 percent of core beliefs, that number is now down to the mid-teens.

In other words, the left doesn’t believe very much of what the right believes and the right doesn’t believe very much of what the left believes.

According to this graphic, we’re losing the middle ground that has always held us together.

That bodes ill. And to a very large extent, I blame the media.

The people on the two political extremes that have always been there notwithstanding, I continue to believe that most Americans are reasonable and will come to the right conclusion and do the right thing when properly informed. I also believe that the biggest problem with corporate media is not what they report and get wrong, it’s what they choose not to report at all. You may quote me on this:  

Examples abound. If the legacy media had not ignored the story of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, the high-level corruption that it revealed  would have been taken into account last November when voters went to the polls.

If the media would actually dive into the story of the human catastrophe  that is playing out day-by-day on our southern border, the American people would very likely be loudly demanding that the chaos be brought under control.

If the legacy media had properly covered the Russia collusion story, and if they had properly informed the American people that James Brennan and James Comey and Peter Strzok and all the others committed egregious violations of law for partisan purposes, those individuals would have by now been brought to justice. That such hasn’t happened only emboldens future bad actors at the highest levels of government.

The weight of the evidence now tells us that the Chinese government bears direct responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic that has sickened and killed millions while crushing the world economy. A properly informed American electorate would now be insisting that our government hold China to account. But, unless you listen to talk radio or watch the primetime schedule on the FOX News Channel, your understanding of the Chinese government’s culpability in a global disaster is very limited. The media is consciously choosing to downplay what should be the story of the Millennium.

I could go on with example after example but space doesn’t permit. The bottom line is that I believe that the shrinking of the middle in that graphic of which I spoke earlier is in direct proportion to the degree to which the legacy media is making the conscious – and highly lamentable – decision to be derelict in its duty.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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36 Responses

  1. Lagay says:

    Tyler fox news is far left

  2. Jean Bammel says:

    Mr. Paul Gleiser, I can’t explain how proud that we have you working hard to keep The United States of America a great free country. Thankyou!

  3. Pete A Fasanello says:

    The news media now appears to be competing to be the next Pravda and Tas

  4. Matthew E says:

    Fox News is presenting clear picture , that’s a new one,talk radio as well, ok. Jeanie is out of the bottle in regards to virus,culpability won’t change anything in today’s world. It’s all just a big clown show in our government, there are no lines, hasn’t been. If the responses to 1/6 doesn’t send it home then nothing will.This tribalism mentality thing or whatever one calls it , there’s no turning things around. Marjorie has crowd applauding in Alabama about their one of the least vaccinated states and iludes to exercising one’s 2 amendment rights if government official comes to you’re door asking about if you’re vaccinated, that’s the Republican party apparently. That’s real brilliant rhetoric to be spreading all in the name of fundraising, was that on Fox ? I may have missed it. Hunter did what plenty have done in various capacities, wrong sure, plenty of that to go around. Nepotism, pay to play, nothing new, it’s no different who’s doing it ,it’s corrupt, there’s the problem many see it differently if it’s someone on their side. As long as people excuse,minimize their teams action verse others nothing changes,no common ground.

    • Buddy+Saunders says:

      Mathew, your writing is muddled, even for a man of the left. Try editing for clarity before posting. We likely will still not agree with you but at least we will better understand your points.

      • Matthew E says:

        Clarity ? Really ?Seems folks just don’t have any meaningful responses to points made ,so they conveniently miss points, thats pretty slick, I understand completely believe me I do. Just go along with something (rhetoric) just because and anyone who differs just put them down.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Buddy, your call to clarify will NEVER be addressed since the Marxist sock puppets must ignore our arguments because they are cowards that are not interested in the TRUTH (that they CANNOT accept) since it demolishes the fundamentals of their Communist religion. They have the hubris and arrogance to FALSELY claim: “folks just don’t have any meaningful responses to points made, so they conveniently miss points”. This is why I refuse to address the incoherent and envious babblings of these provocateurs as I stated in the link, below, however I ADMIRE your persistence to try to get an unmuddled response, anyway.

        • Matthew E says:

          Well I must say that’s a very intellectual response if I’ve ever read one .The first step to recovery they say is knowing there’s a problem, this applies to many things in life. 18th century ” twoddle ” manifesto thing over and over isn’t helpful .Last I looked this wasn’t an essay writing competition, but there could be some copywrite issues,or close .

  5. Ron Eagleman says:

    When I hear these talking heads comment on how the Biden administration is so incompetent and described as “the gang who couldn’t shoot straight”; it makes my head explode! Of course it is not Biden, but those who are actually running the country are executing the plan to perfection. Folks, the plan is to destroy our economy and the country that they deem illegitimate. Please tell me one thing they are doing that is not targeted to that outcome. These media experts are predicting a Republican landslide in the mid-terms, but the Democrats are laughing all the way to the CDC, FBI, NSA, and all other government agencies that are on their team. The Delta variant will become the Lambda variant, and so on until the Omega variant. The CDC will mandate that the only way the vote can be safe for people who want to exercise their constitutional right is to use mail out ballots and the same system that was instituted in the 2020 election cycle. How did that turn out? I sincerely hope I am wrong, but there does not seem to be any Republican plan to prevent a repeat. Idiocy is the expectation that the same activity done over and over will somehow have a different outcome. There are certainly a few exceptions, but many of these so-called conservatives are idiots!!!

  6. Buddy Saunders says:

    There’s another story, one as big as any you mentioned, in fact the biggest story of all, yet a story not being covered by the media, including You Tell Me Texas. That story is the credible claim that the presidential election was stolen. Fox News and the Washington Post, among others, have worked as hard to bury that story as have CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

    The claims of election fraud are credible. Fair minded people would like to see those claims examined. If no fraud occurred–a claim made the instant the election ended–then let it be demonstrated via audits.

    Instead, those claiming the election process was “perfect” or at worst subject to just a little garden variety fraud that couldn’t possibly have changed the election outcome, they should be the first to welcome audits. Instead audit efforts are fought tooth and nail. Given that kind of behavior, even someone suffering from the side effects of China Covid would smell a rat.

    Clearly, a lot of elites on both the left and the right see President Donald Trump as a threat to their self interest, a threat that needed to be ended by any mean necessary. We are lucky the man wasn’t assassinated.

    Despite endless roadblocking efforts, the fact that the election was stolen is in the process of being demonstrated. When that happens, two questions will require an answer: How to deal with an illegitimate president and how to deal with “friends” ostensibly on the conservative side who, while not involved in the initial theft, have done everything in their power to make it a fait accompli.

    • Buddy+Saunders says:

      Correcting my error. I intended to say, “Fox News and the Wall Street Journal (not the Washington Post), among others, have worked as hard to bury that story as have CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.”

    • Ron+Eagleman says:

      Amen Buddy, as Shakespeare would describe in so many words about the audits being fought tooth and nail….”they protest too much”!

    • Matthew E says:

      My pillow guy ,is coming forth with all the evidence any day now, Arizona as well .

    • Matthew E says:

      Let’s not forget 1/6 , that seems to not be getting any attention here. Lots of evidence, and answers needed on that as well.

  7. Darrell Durham says:

    Big tech is another arm of the government monster. If and when republicans do gain the upper hand, there are many areas that need to be addressed to prevent a liberal takeover. The regulations protecting tech from legal responsibility need work. The voting methods are indeed broken and in need of repair. However, one size does not fit all. Federal guidelines may be fine, but leave the details to the states. I think one way to drain the government swamp is to have a limit on the total number of years one can be a “public servant” since the longer they serve the less they accomplish for us. What have Joe, Nancy, Chuck, Maxine, Mitt, Mitch, etc. actually done in their decades of elected jobs? Another is to deal with political donations, so “pay for play” is negated, making it much more difficult to insert a disruptive member into position. Of course there remain corrupt members of government EVERYWHERE you look! The sheer number of employees is horrendous. But remove the money and the power and you get people that actually want to perform the job. There are many current candidates that seem to be wonderful, IF they can get past the lifers that are in control. There is a reason the first several amendments were quickly added to the constitution. The founders realized how important those RIGHTS are to maintaining a free nation. They are the same for all, regardless of skin color, as are the opportunities provided by those rights. It’s time we begin the earnest fight to defend the country before it IS too late. The progressives are trying to divide and conquer, just as other empires have been destroyed. We can’t allow them to succeed.

    • Ron+Eagleman says:

      Yes Darrell, these “public servants” go into office with meager talents and resources, yet they emerge with huge assets. Term limits! The problem is that the ones who could solve this problem are the same ones who are benefitting. What are the chances that they will derail the gravy train? There are 2 chances…slim and none…and Slim left town!

    • Matthew+E says:

      One thing that seems clear,many Republicans must believe the end justify the means , their rhetoric and behavior says everything, no lines to not cross anymore.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Ron, Buddy and Darrell: You have given us some of the most intelligent and wise comments that I have observed so far to explain our desperate fight to keep our Republic intact against the treasonous mongrel Marxist hoards that are determined to extinguish this wonderful, God blessed, Nation.

      • Buddy+Saunders says:

        C. M., thank you and I can say the same for you.

        The Roman legionnaires in their day carried as a standard a common bundle of twigs banded together. Any one of the twigs could be easily broken. But bound together, none could break them. We, each of us, are like those twigs and together we will keep our nation unbreakable.

  8. Darrell Durham says:

    Fauci seems to be driving the narrative concerning the virus that HE had direct knowledge of, responsible for taxpayer funding of, and a vested interest in, resulting in regulations being issued by APPOINTED officials rather than elected ones. Yet another area in need of attention. They left has successfully ruined science as a responsible source of information.

  9. C M Solomon says:

    When the “Legacy of LIES” (as promoted by the ultra-powerful, corrupt, and dishonest Left) becomes the overwhelming “STANDARD of Accepted TRUTH” (in a Nation that was founded on honesty, integrity, and moral accountability by which genuine Freedom {Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness} can ONLY exist), is successfully used to CRUSH these very Freedoms that God bestowed upon us through our Founder’s wisdom, then we will have ultimately become a tyrannical Nation of Slaves ruled by devilish, demonic, and destructive Communist Dictators that demand total deference to their godless, lawless, and despotic regime of destitution, despondency, and death.

  10. C M Solomon says:

    The incoherent and envious babblings of the Marxist sock puppets that constantly defame the “wealthy and successful” (that have become famous through their own ingenuity and honest hard work in their “pursuit of happiness”), don’t deserve even a nanosecond of acknowledgement or response. Quoting the verse from 2 Timothy 2:16; “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”

    • Matthew+E says:

      Wow !!! Don’t forget the camel through the eye of the needle thing,wait I forgot we’ll overlook that part. Ingenuity and hardwork in whatever indeavor one pursues I suppose then. Yea honesty, integrity, and moral accountability, you bet , our history clearly shows that, yea right. I agree we sure have a truth problem alright and delusion .

    • Matthew E says:

      I wasn’t aware that fame and wealth was a godly quality, now I know. Honest hard work, that’s a good one,I’m sure there’s a few out there. Incoherent babbling, know what you mean. There’s also something about judging others I think. Pursuit of happiness ? or maybe wealth and fame ?, I heard those things can’t bring you happiness, folks need to make up their minds.

  11. Brendan says:

    How can there be a middle ground when having a viewpoint labels one as a Marxist, Fascist, Socialist, Anti-American, etc.?

    There’s no room for a nuanced perspective anymore. Both teams would rather cheat to win the game than elevate the sport.

    Our real enemies are falling over laughing at us, because they don’t have to do anything. We’ll bring ourselves down.
    If there’s a way out of this mess, then we have to meet in the middle out of unity, not necessity. Necessity is a low bar indeed.

    • Matthew+E says:

      Sounds like someone is using some critical thinking, good point . How refreshing after all this romanticizing babble that sounds like some weird 18 century manifesto something another ,in simple terms it’s goofy as all getout.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Brenden, there is a very real difference between a free market personal rights republic and one that is communist/Marxist/fascist. Between the two there can’t be and should not be compromise. Period.

      As to your comment, “Both teams would rather cheat to win,” I see the cheating big time on just one side. That the left can’t be trusted to conduct fair elections is soon to be demonstrated.

      The conservatives I know, and I am one, accept the will of the people in FAIR and HONEST elections, even when our side isn’t the winner. Our confidence that we will more often win stems from our rightly held belief that our ideas for good and productive governance are by far the best ideas in market, extending as they do all the way back to the founders of this nation, a wise, indeed, body of men.

  12. Brendan says:

    Mr. Saunders, I would think that the majority of the nation would agree that Marxism/Communism and so on doesn’t work in real life. That (to me) is not the real issue facing our nation.
    From my point of view, the founders intended to create a government that would be answerable to the people. But we’ve been led into a situation (by both parties) to believe that the people owe their safety and well-being to a party protecting us from some shadowy “other”. It’s simply bread and circuses, keeping the people divided so that politicians can get re-elected without actually doing their jobs. If water being wet got turned into a political issue, I would be disappointed, but not surprised.
    I myself am weary of being politically homeless in my own country.

    • Matthew E says:

      Well said !!!! People create these issues CRT great example, grossly exaggerated situation, it’s just a head game, another tool to get people stired up ,another boogeyman to be protected from. Most unfortunate part of it all is things are to far gone , to much damage in last administration, and people who can’t let go and move on .Apparently many people are convinced their part of ” Something ” a noble cause of sorts, this obsessive romanticizing of a past that never existed at least not the one that’s probably in their imaginations , and those that aren’t are ( American haters ) ,which is another creation ( tool ) , it’s all madness.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Hi Brendan, I tend to agree with you. It often seems there is little difference between the Democrat and Republican parties, the latter just being the former in slow motion. And yes, I think there is something in what you say about the two parties (especially their establishment leadership) playing the voters off against each other while they, the party elites, grow their personal wealth and power.

      Flimflam politicians have existed as long as there have been governments. In the end, the politicians aren’t the ultimate problem. The real problem is us, we the people, who too much trust elected officials while not bothering to pay enough attention to verify if our trust is warranted or not. Lazy, willfully ill-informed people will never enjoy good government, no matter the party in power.

  13. C M Solomon says:

    “I would think that the majority of the nation would agree that Marxism/Communism and so on doesn’t work in real life.” This is simply NOT TRUE.

    At this point in our Nations affairs, the Marxist Left has surreptitiously infected EVERY corner of the HIGH MANAGEMENT of government bureaucracies and associated Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, media, academia, big tech, sports, medicine, unions, global and domestic corporations, science, federal and state law enforcement, border security, political parties, religious institutions and denominations, and now sadly, the military itself.

    The advancement of the Marxist agenda to replace our Constitutionally based Republic with a One-Party authoritarian rule by government edict has been underway since the early 1900’s with Woodrow Wilson, the father of Progressivism and its love affair with ultimate State control of our lives at the expense of individual Liberty that he DID NOT TRUST. This Progressivism has evolved into a full embrace of Marxism/Communism that has been illustrated recently with the huge accommodation at every level with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by the current administration and the politically powerful Left.

    The formula of the Marxist game plan is to divide and conquer the United States through disinformation, deceit, defamation, distrust, dependency, skyrocketing debt, junk science, a weakened military, destruction of family and business relationships, stolen elections, and lastly, lab manufactured diseases. This plan has been exquisitely successful, given the unraveling of our society that used to honor civility, accountability, and “equal justice under the law”.

    We are now facing the reality of a merger of Communism and the Marxist Global Oligarchy (the Big Reset) to form a borderless and centralized World government that will use omnipresent digital technology to track and “manage” every living soul that is “allowed” to exist or be born. This is not my opinion; it is the published goals of the dictatorial Left and its FAITH in the Communist religion to control the world at large and provide the necessary “salvation” from our own self-destruction tendencies. Finally, the Left doesn’t care what the majority of the nation thinks, because their plan is simply founded on justifiable tyranny, NOT the consent of the governed!

    Please see my earlier comments at the following link:

  14. gary gaisler says:

    Specifically related to Covid, there is so much useful information NOT being reported, there are treatments available that could save lives that a lot of people Don’t know about. Unfortunately the media in general is fixated on the sensationalism of this issue and it’s very narrow agenda of subject matter. even in this digital age people still somewhat rely on “mainstream” media to provide them with broad, useful information designed to help the public. With the seriousness of this virus it seems that EVERY news outlet could spend at least 5 minutes of every broadcast laying out useful factual information including medications, treatments and safety protocol’s designed to inform and HELP the general public make informed intelligent choices of how to handle covid in their particular situation. Every summer they feel compelled to tell me it’s hot and I should drink water and stay in the air conditioning to remain safe from the heat but in their moment to STEP UP and provide clear useful non biased information related to covid they have fallen flat on their face. Thank you for the hard work you do to provide a more balanced perspective, keep up the good work.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Well said Gary! The mainstream media have chosen a side, and therapeutics do not help the Democrats to continue to control the narrative and the voting process. If the efficacy of early therapeutic treatment could be widely known by the public, and the virus considered not so threatening, it would be much more difficult for the CDC, and others, to mandate how the mid-terms will be conducted. As Buddy reminded us, flimflam politicians have existed as long as there have been governments. Politics is the 2nd oldest profession, and in my opinion, it is not much different from the oldest profession!

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