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Tone deaf.

Taken all around, Biden’s State of the Union address was tone deaf and uninspiring, the gushing reaction from mainstream media outlets notwithstanding.

A call to greatness.

Trump did, Tuesday night, what presidents are hired to do – call the country to be its best.

Government is not a family.

Since government has proved willing to substantially replace many of the things that mothers at one time counted on a man to provide, there is less incentive for women to weed out the men that won’t meet that responsibility.

Minimum wage: here we go again.

Minimum wage: here we go again.

Minimum wage is a Democrat favorite that adheres to the maxim that the more wrong an idea is, the more that Democrats will cling to it.

Nothing to run on.

If you were a true Obama believer during the 2008 campaign, the State of the Union address Tuesday had to have rung hollow when listened to against the backdrop of three years of actual experience under an Obama administration.

Obama’s new pool house.

The president gave little evidence that he appreciates the severity of the country’s financial situation. It is not a stretch to say that the country faces its greatest crisis since World War II or even the Civil War.