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Texas for President 2016.

Texas for President 2016.

Rick Perry may or may not be on the ballot in November 2016. But the Texas success formula that he championed should be.

Texas does it again.

If Texas were a separate nation, it would be the 12th largest oil producing nation in the world, only slightly behind Venezuela and Kuwait. In just two and half years, Texas oil production has doubled and Texas is now on a pace to produce more oil than it did in the peak years of the 1970s.

A choice between two futures.

Two items hit the news on the same day this week. First, San Bernadino became the third California city in less than a month to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Second, CNBC has again ranked Texas as the number one state for business.

Texas creates jobs. Liberals condescend.

For ruling-class elites, there is nothing to recommend Texas. It is a miserable, Red State, George W. Bush-spawning hell-on-earth. So how, then, do they explain job numbers just released by the federal government?

Let’s call it the “Red State Rumble.” It’s on.

The Texas gubernatorial election fight is on. It will be over in March. The general election in November is a formality. The fight is between Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently the senior senator from Texas and incumbent Rick Perry. Both are Republicans and the two will duke it out for the Republican nomination in the March primary. Whoever wins that primary will be the governor. (The eventual Democratic nominee is roughly analagous to the Washington Generals....