Author: Paul Gleiser

The state of American journalism: Exhibit A

If you’re among the dwindling number of Americans who watch the legacy network Sunday shows you saw this past Sunday a prime example of what’s wrong with “journalism” in America.

Keep Christmas well.

If a Christian is touched only once a year, the touching is still worth it, and maybe on some given Christmas, some final quiet morning, the touch will take.

Metastatic wokeism.

What Gillette, Bud Light and Harvard have in common is their status as one-time category-leading brands. They now also have in common that wokeism has inflicted upon them damage from which they will likely never recover.

Style vs. substance.

If substance were all that matters, last night’s debate would never have happened and Donald Trump would still be president.

Higher education reveals itself.

Reaction on college campuses to the attack on Israel by Hamas has at last opened previously blind eyes to how far American higher education has fallen.

Biden is coming for your car.

Driven by a blind ideological fixation on “climate change,” the Biden administration is trying to shove us all into expensive, impractical electric vehicles whether we want them or not.

Seeing more clearly.

The clarity that comes from watching the horror that is taking place in real time in Israel should inform our thinking as to what is taking place concurrently in real time on our southern border.