America in need of therapy.

Paul GleiserAmerica in need of therapy.

Some time ago I attended the seminar of an ordained protestant minister who gave up the pulpit in favor of going into private practice as a licensed therapist. He called his practice, “Reality Acceptance, Inc.”

It was his observation that if he could get patients to accept reality – which is to say accept the truth – the need for therapy would go away.

He told us that getting patients to accept reality is much easier said than done. Most patients, he said, would rather rationalize their pathological behavior than face the uncomfortable process of changing it. He went on to say that of all the animal species on Earth, the human species is the only one capable of rationalization.

And there you have a near perfect explanation of our politics today. A very large proportion of the people who vote are engaged in rationalization on a massive scale. Let’s take just two examples.

Unfettered, unvetted mass illegal immigration is unsustainable and dangerous. It hurts everyone, but none more so than minorities and poor people. Mass illegal immigration poses a threat to national security, public safety, public health, and public education. Illegal migrants crowd out American citizens for base labor and entry level jobs, which disproportionately hurts minorities and poor people. This is true whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.

But Democrats believe that they will ultimately profit from illegal immigration by creating a massive cohort of people who, being dependent upon the kinds of liberal social welfare benefits that Democrats support, will vote accordingly. They rationalize that kind of cynicism by telling themselves that they’re helping poor people have a better life. They choose not to acknowledge that what they’re really doing is making poverty permanent.

Regarding poor people and social welfare benefits, the massive federal spending that funds those benefits is also fiscally unsustainable and dangerous. Among its many ill effects is the resulting inflation, which makes it increasingly difficult for people to afford food, transportation and shelter – thus increasing the need for social welfare benefits. This is also true whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.

Those are just two examples. There are many others ranging from a woke and shrinking military that is fixated on gender pronouns at the expense of readiness to DEI programs that are bringing about the very ill effects of racism that DEI programs are supposed to address to colleges and universities that have abandoned classical education in favor of progressive indoctrination.

The reality is that we can’t afford illegal immigration, we can’t afford massive federal deficits, indoctrination over education never ends well and we suffer a weak and woke military at our peril.

These are the sorts of things that the majority of us once accepted as realities. The fact that such broad acceptance no longer exists goes a long way toward explaining the candidacy of a polarizing guy like Donald Trump.

So, grab the tissue box. America is going to be spending a lot of time on the therapist’s couch.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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3 Responses

  1. Linda E. Montrose says:

    Well, the way I see it is this:

    There are beneficial snakes and there are those you need to stay away from if you do not want to die in case you encounter them out in the wilderness and can not receive prompt medical help. If I am out walking my dogs I have to pay close attention in case they come upon a snake. Some of my dogs barrel in and grab it without using caution and get bit. The result usually is a very swollen body part…usually their heads. Hence they have learned not to rush in and grab it. Sometimes it takes more than once to convince them. Now this is a good thing because I can usually get to where they are alerting to check and see if it is a bad snake or a good one. Most people don’t bother to check and try to kill them all. I have found that some can be quite entertaining to watch like the hog nose or as my Granny always called them Spreading atters because their defense method is to raise up and act like a cobra…they are harmless unless you are a toad or some other creature they eat. They are quite entertaining to watch and so I have read, people keep them as pets. I prefer them out in the wild myself! Now Coral snakes are very hard to know if they are indeed a Coral snake or the harmless King Snake by looking at their color combo but these snakes are not aggressive but if you get your colors mixed up can be deadly. The “good” thing about a coral snake is they have small mouths and have to “chew” their venom in. Now you wonder at my point in all this is, so here it is:

    The democrats for the most part are a part of what I call the loony tune fraction. They do things to try any hurt the more rational of us but it ends up hurting them instead. Just like reaching down to “pet” a rattlesnake thinking it won’t bite them cause they let it live here. They don’t stop to think that this is a deadly reptile that doesn’t know what or WHO you think you are…you get close enough and it WILL BITE YOU.
    The people they have “invited” into our Country are not all “harmless”. We have channels where we can vet these people to see if they are a plus or a minus being here. Most are what I call Copperheads because these snakes are not really aggressive unless provoked…not like rattlers or water moccasins of which the “cottonmouth” variety can be quite aggressive! If you do not know anything about these people then we are set up to become victims of the beast. Such as we have been in the past and currently! A lot of these people have criminal backgrounds which, unfortunately, we have found out too late. The dems are not immune to all this and are treading in dangerous territory. Like not watching where you are walking in the woods. The playing favorites over citizens like putting these people up in fancy hotels and other places is not going to bode well for them as letting these people off when finally arrested for a crime. A poisonous aggressive snake doesn’t give two hoots WHO you are, they are going to strike when you least expect it! Mother Nature is a GREAT TEACHER if you will only listen!

  2. Mike says:

    What ever happened to “Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but Names will NEVER hurt me!” As kids, we stuck our tongues out or thumbed our nose at whomever the so called bad guy who was attempting to insult us. If that did not work, fists and kicks followed. No guns, knives, sticks, bricks, rocks, only a semi-fair fight; there was biting and gouging if you really did not like the person. There is no outlet for conflict as we had in school; and there are no coaches who used to referee said fracus. The girls had coaches that intervened as well. Coaches also insured when the dispute was settled; the battling parties shook hands and walked away knowing if they did it again, the coaches would be the ones busting your rear end, making you run until you passed out, or they called in four or five football linemen that settled the issue on you. Discipline is a powerful deterrent to mean thinking or inappropriate behavior at least it was. This cancer of “victimology” must be purged from our society. We need discipline, self reliance, and work ethic to somehow creep back into everyday life versus more therapy and victimhood. Our children need to be taught to get up, stop crying, and dust themselves off and move on when they fall off their bikes or fail at something. No more consolation trophies. We are just a bunch of cry babies in need of growing up and accepting Life Ain’t Fair so go out and do your best and learn from it. Failure is a learning experience; not a cry and give me something for nothing experience.

  3. Darrell Durham says:

    We are facing the same things in society today that the Israelites in biblical times faced. God promised His faithful followers protection and a land to inhabit forever. The faithless, heretical, lawless sodomites were doomed to struggle and strife. Just like in those days the sodomites believe THEY were the ones God intended to protect. However, since Christianity has declined in the country in recent years fewer people realize that. I attended a Baptist church in the 70’s that held a Sunday night service discussing the book of the Revelation. It was very revealing to my young self, and my 62yr. old self sees things now coming true.

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