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Texas does it again.

If Texas were a separate nation, it would be the 12th largest oil producing nation in the world, only slightly behind Venezuela and Kuwait. In just two and half years, Texas oil production has doubled and Texas is now on a pace to produce more oil than it did in the peak years of the 1970s.


President Obama recently gave a speech in Brazil encouraging them to develop offshore oil reserves and promising to be their “best customer” once the oil is on the market.

Democrats to Jacko: “Thanks for covering for us.”

With respect to the Michael Jackson story, the Drudge Report the other day had the best headline. It read, “Michael Jackson: Never Can Say Goodbye.” I really feel like our celebrity-obsession crossed some line in the past two weeks and I believe Bernard Goldberg when he says we have become the ‘United States of Entertainment.’ And while we were all absorbed with the never-ending news coverage and retrospectives and downloading ‘Thriller’ to our iPods, Congress...