Remember the summer of 2008? Oil prices climbed to around $150 per barrel and gasoline went north of $4.00 a gallon. ANWR became a word. Candidate Obama promised millions of new green energy jobs.

Then the recession came and world demand for oil abated and gas went back below $3.00 a gallon we all went back to sleep. Well, as usual, all it takes is for a political pot in the Middle East to boil over, this time Libya, and the fecklessness of our political class with respect to energy again is on display.

You may want to go find a fresh “Drill, Baby, Brill” sticker for your car. Because oil prices are on the way up and the Obama administration is about to start babbling about green energy again. The trouble is, there is no magic ‘green energy’ out there. We need oil. And to not produce the oil we know we have in our own country is staggeringly irresponsible.

You’ll appreciate that fact when it costs you $75 this summer to fill up your car.

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