Remember $4.00 gasoline?

Remember the summer of 2008? Oil prices climbed to around $150 per barrel and gasoline went north of $4.00 a gallon. ANWR became a word. Candidate Obama promised millions of new green energy jobs.

Then the recession came and world demand for oil abated and gas went back below $3.00 a gallon we all went back to sleep. Well, as usual, all it takes is for a political pot in the Middle East to boil over, this time Libya, and the fecklessness of our political class with respect to energy again is on display.

You may want to go find a fresh “Drill, Baby, Brill” sticker for your car. Because oil prices are on the way up and the Obama administration is about to start babbling about green energy again. The trouble is, there is no magic ‘green energy’ out there. We need oil. And to not produce the oil we know we have in our own country is staggeringly irresponsible.

You’ll appreciate that fact when it costs you $75 this summer to fill up your car.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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4 Responses

  1. L Miles says:

    Paul, I think we need to rethink our opposition to the “GREEN” Socialist movement that would eradicate oil, coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels from western civilization. After all, it’s going to be too expensive to afford fossil fuels and all the petrochemical products made from them, not to mention the incredible environmental damage that we have to clean up if Obama has his way.

    Just think how much cheaper it would be to raise a family with a few acres of ground, a cow, a mule, a plow, a cistern, a few chickens, a horse (or donkey) and buggy, and no electricity, cable, telephone, or gas bills. Just think how much lower our taxes will be: no more Air Force One (or Two), military budget would be almost nothing, welfare costs should plummet since everyone can feed and shelter themselves, no Amtrak subsidies, Federal, State and local government would be cut to the bone since there will be almost nothing to regulate or tax (I hope), and the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid budget should be minuscule. With GREEN and yellow vegetables, one egg a day, and fried chicken for Sunday dinner, we humans and the animals (requiring only GREEN grass and insects) will be much healthily, therefore, requiring less health care and fewer doctors and medicine.

    I almost forgot to include a cotton patch for each family. Cotton is the most comfortable clothing, by far. We won’t need synthetics or cosmetics or deodorants made from dirty oil anymore. Maybe the government will allow us to have a very small vineyard, also. (Ha! Ha!)

    As long as the government press in Pueblo, Colorado can supply us free educational materials to teach our own kids and harness our own methane for heating and cooking, everything will be alright. Political campaigns will be so inexpensive that the government can afford to pay for them, also. Congress would only meet on comfortable days during the spring and fall. This new lifestyle is just too good to pass up! Count me in!

    PS: Don’t tell me about using solar or wind devices. It takes more conventional energy to make them than they can produce.

  2. Linda E. Montrose says:

    This President has done NOTHING to help the situation by stopping the drilling in the gulf. I still have many questions of the why and how the so called “accident” happened which provided a perfect excuse to shut down drilling in the gulf by this President. There is absolutely no reason NOT to drill here. We have hundreds of years worth of oil HERE!
    Everything the democrat party has done here lately has done NOTHING but bring hardship to the very people they supposedly are looking out for. If they are for the little people, then why shut down drilling in the gulf? If they are for the little people, how come the cowards are running off to other states to keep from doing the RIGHT thing in states that are on the verge of bankruptcy?
    Are these people so out of touch with reality that they think the price of oil just affects our driving habits? What about the person just getting out of high school looking for a job? They have to have transportation to get there. Do you think that a minimum wage paying job is going to cover a car payment and gas to get to work, then have anything left? What about the person who is trying to put food on the table for his family? Oil affects everything in our lives. When the price of oil goes up, it isn’t just gas prices that rise. Utilities, the food we eat…everything is affected! Just who do the people in the democrat(and quite a few in the republican party)think they are helping by letting this happen? It sure isn’t the people they profess to care about! We have a president who could care LESS what happens to the “little people”. We have proof of that by his actions…cutting drilling in the gulf, ignoring a COURT ORDER that over turned his cease drilling orders. EVERYTHING this president has done has PROVED he has no interest in doing what is BEST for the people and this country. This president’s words mean NOTHING because his ACTIONS have told it all!

  3. Jeff Barge says:

    Miles, Paul, & Linda

    Guys/Ladys, before you resign to retreat to your own land and do it yourself, you might want to take a look up into the sky and find out what those planes are spraying on an almost daily basis. Check out the YouTube Video:

    You can copy and paste that link above.

    The Video is named “What in the World are they spraying”. Look for the full version. It’s about 1 1/2 hrs long. They have found Aluminum oxide, and Barium, and many other things (Heavy Metals) in these “chemtrails” which are part of the reason, why people who have never smoked or used other tobacco products are coming down with cancer. That’s one issue, but there are many. Two, it also destroys the ph levels in the soil so that crops that are not GMO engineered won’t grow(buy new seed for Monsanto every year). It’s also destroying the water supply. They have found 60.000 bit per m/billion in the soil and water samples that they have had tested. 1000 parts per m/billion is consider a problem. These levels are pure poison.

    It’s all designed to make us into slaves and or kill us. Sounds extreme right? Do your research.

    As for the BP oil spill that was just another 9/11 inside job deal again. Jesse Ventura covered it on his semi new show “Conspiracy Theory” on Tru Network, channel 204 on Dish Network. Chaney-Haliburton bought up the Oil Clean Up company 11 days before the oil well blew. Seems there More money in cleaning up the mess than serving your fellow citizen.

    But yes, we should be drilling oil on our soil we have more than enough here.
    A man named Lindsy Williams wrote a book called “The Energy Non-Crisis” after living up in Alaska with some High level Oil Executives for 3 years. He was the pastor for the men living up there.
    He’s also on YouTube talking about it. I actually heard him say on air “Radio Air Wave” 6 months or so before the prices at the pump when back down around here to $1.34 a gallon that they were going back down. He said it while a barrel of oil was still up around $150 dollar a barrel.

    Check out and PrisonPlanet.TV

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free-Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ


    I love this site. And I don’t know if I can get you on the radio down here. But I’ll be trying.

  4. Shared Prosperity says:

    I know this comment is a week late, but I have an idea that even a Conservative might consider OK. Why aren’t my friends in Washington, both Democrats and some Republicans, proposing something similar? I don’t know. Even an avowed Socialist like me doesn’t enjoy paying $4.00 per gallon for gasoline.

    The American people, for the most part, OWN the Federal lands and the accompanying oil, coal, and natural gas reserves, both discovered and undiscovered (including offshore for 200 miles).

    Why can’t Congress pass a law stating that starting in 2012 all fuel products (or byproducts thereof) obtained by DOMESTIC recovery and production of fossil based fuels will not be taxed at any government level for a period of 20 years so long as they remain inside the United States and are not sold as an international commodity? Call it a USA FUELS LICENSE BRAND (UFLB) name that is regulated just like any other licensed series of products (legal drugs, for example).

    After 20 years, a maximum of 10% Federal excise tax would be assessed to the end customer – no other State or local taxes. Only US based companies would be allowed to participate and compete with one another in this type of business at all levels of production, refining, distribution, sales, etc. Everyone in the production and supply chain would benefit with greater availability of energy at far lower costs. The USA could reach energy independence in a few years. The resulting economic revival should generate a huge source of government revenue to help pay for the social programs that need to continue.

    This country has been blessed with sufficient fossil fuel reserves to last at least 100 years. Reasonable clean air and land reclamation rules would continue to be enforced. The EPA would have to be heavily restricted by Congressional oversight for the 20 year period since GREEN radicals have now taken over the EPA and are trying to roll back the industrial revolution, no matter the consequences. My Marxist friends in Washington need to understand that even rich Marxists are happier than poor ones.

    I can’t think of a better way to implement Shared Prosperity without the higher government taxes that are needed to cure recessions and reduce the vast differences between the rich and poor. Everyone benefits from this proposal since everything that depends on energy (including food, shelter, and clothing) would get cheaper, therefore reducing the need for higher taxes to support the welfare needed throughout the country.

    The GREEN Revolution (including ethanol) can continue its research effort but must compete with UFLB products if it is to have any future. By all means, don’t make the whole world poorer by using food (corn) to make fuel! How stupid is that!

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