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Old, worn out and discredited.

That Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson – two complete political outsiders – are number one and two in the polls for the GOP nomination ahead of party blue bloods is instructive.

Someone to sell it.

Give us a nominee who can speak to a bright future brought about by a strong military, a light regulatory burden, a belief in the American people and a cogent and resolute foreign policy based on American strength.

Obama’s spot-on election analysis.

All of the soaring Obama speeches dating back to his keynote at the 2004 Democratic National Convention came crashing back to Earth on Election Day 2014.

The Cantor earthquake.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s seismic defeat in the Virginia GOP primary should give comfort to no one in the ruling class.

From pain can come redemption.

For the first time in a lifetime, a liberal president will bear clear and undeniable responsibility for the results of his own liberal policies.

Lose big enough and one day you won’t matter at all.

Republicans are in many ways replicating the experience of the Southwest Conference and its once prestigious Cotton Bowl game. Largely through fecklessness and self-inflicted injury, Republicans are forfeiting their standing as a governing party.

Who’s it gonna be, GOP?

Don’t kid yourself. Obama will be a formidable opponent for whomever the Republicans nominate and none of those in the field today excite the way Reagan did in 1979.