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A good friend of mine – let’s call him Bob – laments that when it comes to choosing the next president, there is nothing on the menu but career politicians. “None of them has ever run anything,” he says. “None of them has ever done anything in the private sector. They’ve been in government their entire adult lives.”

I don’t disagree. I, too, am weary of the “ruling class” – that cohort of pedigreed and self-appointed elites from both parties who gravitate to the perks and power of high elected office.

We on the right should find a nominee who is seeking the presidency as a capstone to a successful career in the private sector. We should look for someone who has started and run companies that created wealth for their shareholders and good jobs for their employees. We should try to find someone capable of wading into a difficult situation and turning it around. We should seek out a man or woman with real-world understanding of how poor government policy can adversely affect risk-taking, investment and job creation.

Too bad we on the right haven’t found such a candidate lately.

Oh, wait, we did! His name was Mitt Romney.

He lost.

So with all due respect to Bob, forget about a private-sector CV and start looking for what the GOP really needs – someone who can sell it. On that score, the Democrats have buried the GOP in four of the past six elections. Bill Clinton did it twice, as did Barack Obama.

I saw Barack Obama’s keynote speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention in person and said at the time that he might soon be a presidential contender. I’ve seen Clinton in person on countless occasions and have been envious of his natural gifts every time. (The ray of hope for the GOP is that Hillary has exactly none of those gifts.)

The career rèsumè of the next nominee is a secondary concern. Of primary concern is the ability to articulate a conservative vision for America in plain, believable, uplifting, hopeful and persuasive English. In other words, the language of leadership.

Give us a nominee who can speak to a bright future brought about by a strong military, a light regulatory burden, a belief in the American people and a cogent and resolute foreign policy based on American strength. Give me a nominee who can tell the American story to a generation of voters that has never heard it plainly and eloquently spoken from the mouth of a politician.

Two such persons immediately come to mind. The first is Condoleezza Rice – who isn’t running but whose 2012 GOP convention speech brought tears to the eyes. The second is Sen. Marco Rubio, who speaks from his heart and from his personal experience about an America of aspiration and opportunity and hope.

It’s way too early to start a Rubio bandwagon. But it’s worth noting that he has qualities that the GOP has been missing for a very long time.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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3 Responses

  1. Michael Gauthier says:

    I believe there is another good candidate and that is Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin. Not only can he speak well of the country and his ideas, he has a proven track record of winning hard fought uphill battles. Those won battles are exactly what he said he would do when he was running for office. A man who can speak well and sell ideas, a proven conservative track record, and the integrity to do what he said he will do would be an unbelievably positive and refreshing change for the commander in chief.

  2. PK Lewis says:

    This will be a great election because we have, finally , several nominees who are tested, knowlegable, articulate & passionate among other things we haven’t had for many years.
    They are also not in the Grandfather generation & they love respect & see the qualities in this Country.

    We have been tested on the “first person to xyz”. So we can look to the qualities of the candidate & not the Historical prominence of this person.

    Maybe ,after the lackadaisical approach to Obama’s vetting & the magical approach to His Majesty we can finally look realistically to the attributes of an actual person that can represent our own values again

    Au contraire, Obama only got a 51% not a ‘huge majority”. But Obama’s greatest gift to us -all is to wake us up to what not paying attention can reap for us in the ballot box.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    We need someone who harks back to the CONSTITUTION. Obama has wiped his feet and other parts of his body with our Constitution, thumbing his nose at it’s meaning and content. Our Constitution has served us well for several hundred years and is not a worn out document in need of changing. That being said, we need someone who will take seriously the message of our Forefathers written in this valuable document that made America the once great nation she was before the clintons and obamas crapped on it. If we follow our blueprint, the Constitution, we have to either follow this ageless document to the letter or continue on the path of ruin we are on today. Meaning the qualifications of being President which are laid down by our Constitution. Thanks to the traitors we have in congress, obama was allowed to run when he was not CONSTITUTIONALLY qualified to run. The eligibility factors have been sullied by the illegal we have in our highest office, which we, the people have more or less turned a blind eye to. Saying this, we have several that have been thrown in the pool to run that are not qualified by the requirements of our Constitution. Are we to allow tit for tat…if obama did it, so can we mentality? Or find someone who is willing to take every constitutional wrong the illegal we have in the Whitehouse has done and make thing RIGHT with America again? IF those who have been thrown in the pool to run for our highest office that are not Constitutionally sound to run for that office,but do so anyway, are we any better off than we were? In my humble opinion, NO! To me, if they run anyway, it tells me that morally they are lacking in what this country needs most. For every little thing we have done in the past that has chipped away at the foundation of what this country was founded on has lead up to the mess we are in today. IF this country is to be saved at all, we need someone who is willing to do what is RIGHT at all costs! In other words, we need a TRUE STATESMAN/WOMAN to turn things around. I do not see that person in this pool of contenders yet.

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