Obama’s spot-on election analysis.

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Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 11/07/14


Exactly one month before election day President Obama offered a spot-on analysis of the midterms:

“I’m not on the ballot this fall…but make no mistake these policies are on the ballot – every single one of them.”

The voters apparently understood that and they voted. It was a resounding thumbs down.

All of the soaring Obama speeches dating back to his keynote at the 2004 Democratic National Convention came crashing back to Earth on Election Day 2014. The voters finally examined real results and weighed those results against the promises that were made.

There were many promises. Not a single one has been kept.

If you promise to “bend the cost curve downward” as it applies to health care, costs had better actually come down.

If you promise that borrowing close to a trillion dollars will stimulate the economy, growth had better be a lot more robust than two percent per year and middle class working people had better see their paychecks and their purchasing power improve.

If you promise “the most transparent administration in history,” high-ranking agency officials within your administration had better not find it necessary to take the fifth.

If you promise to better engage the Middle East, your ambassador to Libya had better not die in a terrorist attack.

If you promise that your foreign policy will lead to greater respect for the country and a safer, more stable world, Vladimir Putin had better not invade Ukraine and chaos had better not break out all over the globe.

If you promise that government will make your life better, veterans had better not die waiting for an appointment at a VA hospital.

And if you promise to “change the way Washington works,” Washington had better actually work.

The simple fact is none of the “Hope & Change” promises made by Obama have come to pass. I say again, not one.

The American people gave Obama a long time to make good on what he promised. But after six years, the voters finally said, “enough.” The president was correct. His policies were on the ballot and they got voted down.

That vote resulted in a big night for the GOP.

But the victory party needs to be a muted affair. The challenge for Republicans is to now recognize the being against bad policies isn’t the same as being for good ones. Republicans must, in the next 12 months, propose solutions on health care, a revision to our Byzantine tax code, ways to craft better foreign policy in a dangerous world and ways to improve a persistently sluggish economy – all in a manner that people can understand and get behind. They must do so in the full knowledge that those proposals will not get a fair hearing in the media.

The Democrats lost on Tuesday. Starting now, the Republicans must prove that they can win.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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3 Responses

  1. Linda E. Montrose says:

    What has been done in the darkness of the obama pseudo-presidency has finally seen the light of day. The message is clear here and the republicans had better keep their promises or we will be in for another obama type. We need some strong leadership to pull us out of this mess obama and his reckless administration has put us in. We need to look beyond the words thrown at us during election time and start checking and verifying what is told us. America’s future depends on us doing our jobs determining who is best suited to carry us into prosperity and restoring our dignity and place in the world, which has fallen considerably since 2008!!!

  2. P K Lewis says:

    There will be lots, lots more.
    Remember Obama’s style is obfuscation always.
    There fore he is only making a racquet now because he is doing something else nefarious elsewhere.

    “A leopard cannot change his spots.”

    Obama has told us-all what he wants; why do we insist on not believing him???( You bring a knife: we’ll bring a gun”)

    Daily the talking heads on TV ‘try’ to figure out what he means….listen/go back in his earlier statements, stop ‘cherry-picking” statements YOU agree with.(We will change this country into something you don’t recogize”)( “The Constitution is wrng”)

    This man is trying hard to hurt us-all & we are sure he isn’t!!!

  3. C M Solomon says:

    The American voter this past Election Day of November 4, 2014 made a giant decision to bring the Conservative wing of the Republican Part into the greatest majority in the House of Representatives in 65 years as well as taking control of the Senate. State Governors and Legislatures also gained a vast majority over the Democrats. This election stands out as an awesome repudiation of Obama, his Marxist policies, the Democrat Party, Fascistic favoritism with corporate and labor handouts, Obamacare, IRS lawlessness, open borders, stupid refusal to quarantine travel from nations infested with Ebola, subversion of free enterprise by the EPA, lawless release of criminal illegal aliens and terrorists by the so-called “Justice” Department, blatant support of voter fraud, and destruction of the educational system and job markets throughout the country.

    The horrible stench of Democrat and Obama corruption finally overcame the facade spun by the deceptive professional liars that had dominated Congress, the Presidency, and the bureaucratic jungle of the Administrative state that they used to pester the American people at the expense of our Constitutional freedoms and guarantees. Democrats love the “lawless playground of politics” where bullies can dominate and where the “end justifies the means” by any lie necessary to steal power from the American people. Their goal is to subjugate the masses in favor of a permanent Democrat/Marxist ruling class to carry out the extinction of any individual freedom that threatens their dogma.

    There is another profound TRUTH that has been revealed about this November 4 denouncement of the (Marxist-dominated) Democrat Party and its power base. The deceptive, half-truth, lying propaganda division of the Democrat Party, the so-called MAINSTREAM MEDIA (that hides behind the “freedom of the press” to camouflage their attempt to destroy their enemies) has been repudiated as well by the American voter. The message that the Constitutional conservative members of the Republican Party and the TEA Party must celebrate is that the American people were NOT FOOLED by these Democrat operatives that spew lies to discredit all opposition to the Marxist-Democrat policies that have caused serious damage to our country.

    Our Constitutional freedoms may be suffering from the poison injected into the culture from these propaganda artists, however, the American voter still had enough wisdom to reject it and seek an antidote. NOW it is time for the Republican and TEA Party believers in Conservative solutions to shout them from the house tops and “be not afraid” of the media arms of the Democrat Party and expose them as the enemies of our Liberties as protected by the Constitution.

    Do not accept the false premises of their questions and clever arguments that paint conservatism as selfish and anti-government. Out-of-control government policies and its administrative agencies must follow the Constitution or be abolished. There is no other alternative.

    The Marxist-Democrat Party and their lapdog media needs to be constantly exposed and defeated! They are not going away. Conservatives must keep the battle of defending the Constitution and our individual rights underway and never stop educating the American public about the evils of big government, Socialism, Marxism and Fascism that dominates the Democrat Party and its captive media arms.

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