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Obamacare turns two.

Obamacare’s second birthday is coming and going today almost totally uncelebrated. Proud father Barack Obama had everybody over to the house on the day his namesake was born. But today he, and Obamacare’s mother, Nancy Pelosi aren’t saying a word.

Lessons from the loo.

Try to imagine the bureaucratic gridlock of a city of fewer than 100,000 trying to procure toilet paper for a few city buildings scaled up to say, the size of the bureaucracy of an entire country trying to procure health care for 310 million citizens.

The word “free” explains everything.

It finally has become clear to me that I have insufficiently appreciated what is actually motivating those that argue in favor of mandated health plan coverage of contraceptives. The word “free” explains it all.

I don’t know.

You may know what a 1099 form is. It’s what businesses are required to send to contractors, consultants and temporary employees for whom no regular paychecks are issued.