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Seattle city council votes for decline.

The very liberal Seattle city council has done what Democrats who run successful cities do. They voted nine to nothing to impose a tax on businesses of $275 per employee per year.

A lesson from Seattle.

A recently released study from the University of Washington published by the National Bureau of Economic Research goes to great academic lengths to detail what just about any small business owner can explain to you in simple English.

Believing in the tooth fairy.

When you examine Tuesday’s results from the New Hampshire primary, it becomes immediately apparent that we have reached some sort of crossroads on the 240 year-long American political journey.

Old issues. Old prescriptions.

For more than 50 years, the United States government, mostly but not completely at the behest of the Democrats, has been obsessed with two issues: poverty and minimum wage.

Again with minimum wage? Really?

Minimum wage laws are completely unnecessary. The market for labor will set wages much more efficiently and with much better results than a bunch of posturing liberal politicians.

The real minimum wage: $0.00.

When it comes to things they oppose, Democrats well understand that when you raise the price of something you get less of it. But then they come to the minimum wage and that understanding vanishes.

Minimum wage: here we go again.

Minimum wage: here we go again.

Minimum wage is a Democrat favorite that adheres to the maxim that the more wrong an idea is, the more that Democrats will cling to it.

Those working-at-the-car-wash blues.

At midnight Wednesday, base labor in America became worth 70 cents per hour more than it had been just one minute before. Just like that, an employee making $5.85 an hour began making $6.55 an hour, the new federal minimum wage. That’s an increase of twelve percent. Wow! Isn’t that great? If you have employees earning the minimum wage, they’re worth more today than they were when you went to work on Wednesday. A twelve...