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Fighting back.

Donald Trump almost never throws the first punch. But if one is thrown at him, he very quickly punches back.

Trump has no choice but to be Trump.

Republicans can either no longer win the presidency or, if one accidentally does, effectively execute the office under the rules to which Republicans have traditionally been bound.

Donald, I am your father.

Mitt, but for your ineptitude as a candidate, all of us – including Donald Trump – would be calling you Mr. President today.

Missing the tide at its flood.

For all his failures as a candidate, it’s it is not terribly difficult for me to imagine Mitt Romney as a better president than Barack Obama.

Election 2012: From Motown to Jay-Z.

I have now voted in eleven presidential elections and my record is six and five, a half game above .500. Which is to say I have lost nearly as many presidential elections as I have won. So why am I so upset about losing this one?

The inconvenience of truth.

At the Democratic National Convention, much was made of the president’s successes in the Middle East. Exactly one week later, the real world intervened.

Kicking Big Bird out of the nest.

President Obama is trying to salvage something from an otherwise disastrous debate performance in Denver. That salvage operation has taken the form of going after Mitt Romney for going after Big Bird.

Can I just go home?

Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for the exchange with Romney was palpable. I think President Obama likes the title but now hates the job. What we saw in the first debate was the face of a man who dreads going to work.

Spring training.

Spring training.

The fight between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich has gotten nasty and many Republicans are worried about it. Not me.