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Exoneration too late to matter.

Rick Perry might have been able to win the GOP nomination this time and he might have made a good president. But thanks to the far-left Travis County district attorney’s office, we’ll never know.

Saul Alinsky comes to Texas.

The indictment of Rick Perry is disturbing because of the realization that the left no longer feels the need to even make a pretense of legal or moral propriety.

Texas for President 2016.

Texas for President 2016.

Rick Perry may or may not be on the ballot in November 2016. But the Texas success formula that he championed should be.

Be yourself, Rick. You’re on solid ground.

Gov. Perry stumbled all over himself when the question of in-state tuition for the children of illegal aliens was raised in the GOP presidential debate last week. He needn’t have. He stands on solid ground and should say so.

What if a candidate told the truth?

Members of the ruling class from both sides of the aisle, together with various media elites, are all over Rick Perry for his comments regarding Social Security. Their criticism of Perry is condescending in its assumption that the American people can’t handle the truth.