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Donald Trump’s true crime.

To defeat Trump – and by extension you for daring to believe that government serves at the pleasure of the citizens who pay for it – American law enforcement has been openly and unapologetically weaponized.


The first question in the third and final presidential debate was a real opportunity for Trump to remind us that the Supreme Court is perhaps the number one reason to choose him over Hillary.

We, the Deplorables.

Do the simple math and you come to understand that Hillary. Clinton considers upwards of one of every four Americans, whose president she wishes to be, deplorable.

It really is a simple choice.

Who can better deploy the fruits of American enterprise – the federal government or those who actually produce the fruit?

Elitism, thy name is Meg Whitman.

Ms. Whitman, you can afford Hillary Clinton. But there are millions of us who can’t. Your support of Clinton is the very essence of the kind of elitism that spawned Donald Trump in the first place.

A supreme irony.

Republican leaders have assumed that the middle class vote is firmly in the bag and that listening to some carping and bitching from that quarter is just par for the course. No big deal.

Donald, I am your father.

Mitt, but for your ineptitude as a candidate, all of us – including Donald Trump – would be calling you Mr. President today.

The delusions of the Left.

The Left is spewing incomplete, taken-out-of-context or just flat fraudulent statistics in an effort to tell us how great things are going under the most far-left presidency in our history.

Of Democrats and (willful) ignorance.

Since the 1960s, none of the pet policies of those aging 1960s children that we saw on the Democratic debate stage has worked. From welfare to education to health care to economic policy. None of them.