Media Out of the Closet

Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 10/28/16


My wife and I had dinner recently with another couple and the subject of the election came up. We really like this couple but the woman is no Trump supporter.

Her reason: Trump’s treatment of women as revealed in the now infamous Access Hollywood tapes.

Little as I wanted to, I dove in. “But what about Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women?,” I asked. “What about her slut-shaming of her husband’s accusers? What about her characterization of Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and others as ‘Bill’s rodeo queens?’ Hillary said ‘all rape victims deserve to be believed.’ So why did she threaten into silence Juanita Broaddrick – who credibly tells of having been raped by Bill Clinton — shortly after the alleged attack?”

Our friend’s response? Skepticism. She had never heard these things. She doesn’t listen to talk radio and she doesn’t watch FOX News and thus has an incomplete picture of Hillary Clinton. And thus she is naturally inclined to dismiss as partisan someone like me talking about Hillary’s misbehavior.

For the same reason, she likely knows next to nothing about the Wikileaks emails, the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scandals or any of the other sordidness that follows the Clintons around like Pigpen’s ever-present cloud of dust.

That’s because the mainstream media has dropped all pretense of objective reporting. They had no choice really. Trump, never having been a politician, was never told that it is considered bad form for Republican candidates to call the grandees of the media out. Mitt Romney understood. John McCain understood. Trump, in the depths of his ignorance, doesn’t understand. Thus he has been on the media’s case with signature Trump bluntness.

Faced with such an emergency, the men and women of the media began doing what they had to do, which is to say destroy Donald Trump at any cost.

No effort is being spared. Here are some examples.

On October 13, ABC, CBS and NBC spent a combined 23 minutes in their evening newscasts on the allegations made by several women against Donald Trump. On that same night, coverage of emails released by Wikileaks – which included derogatory comments by Clinton concerning Latinos, Catholics and the NAACP, support for open borders and outright collusion with the campaign by members of the media – received the entirety of one minute seven seconds – combined. A ratio of 23 to one.

A Washington Post/ABC poll asked 38 questions. Of them, six pertained to sexual assault allegations about Donald Trump. So how many questions in that same poll regarding the stunning revelations about Hillary contained in the John Podesta/Wikileaks emails?

You guessed it. None.

At least look at the bright side. The media are now fully out of the closet. That’s the good news.

But that doesn’t mitigate the bad news. Our dinner companion – and millions of honorable Americans like her – still lack the requisite knowledge to make an informed decision about choosing the next president.

That could be bad for the Trump campaign.

It’s a tragedy for the republic.

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