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Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 1/8/16


A lefty pal of mine (yes, I have some lefty pals) sent me a link to a website that says, in essence, that any hope the GOP might have for winning the White House withers to nothing in the face of how well we are all doing since the dawn of Democratic policies under Barack Obama. (See the site here.)

We all know that if you have to explain why a joke is funny, it’s not funny. That same idea applies to being told how well off you are. If you have to be told that you’re doing well, chances are you’re not doing very well.

Such is the case with Democrats and the lefty blogosphere. The Left is busy spewing incomplete, taken-out-of-context or just flat fraudulent statistics in an effort to tell us how great things are going under the most far-left presidency in our history.

As is almost always the case with propaganda, there is a kernel of truth in it. As an example, as the website says, it is true that the official unemployment rate has fallen below five percent. But that’s mostly attributable to the fact that millions of Americans have become discouraged to the point that they’ve stopped looking for jobs. They are thus now out of the labor force and therefore no longer counted as unemployed. Add those people – who once had jobs — back to the labor force and the unemployment rate jumps to nearly 10 percent.

The economic realities here at the dawn of 2016 – as opposed to the spun sugar Democrats would have you consume – are not all that great. Granted, things aren’t terrible. But that doesn’t mean they’re great. To the extent that things are going even as well as they are, it is testament to the fact that ordinary Americans are resourceful and resilient and will generally ‘find a way’ – even under the most difficult conditions.

Among the things that no lefty website will tell you are the following:

  • The American economy has grown at a rate below three percent for ten straight years. That’s the worst performance since the Great Depression.
  • Average household income is down by more than $5,000 since 2007. Adjusted for inflation, it’s even worse than that.
  • Ninety four million working-age Americans do not have jobs. That’s the highest percentage of non-workforce participation since the Carter administration.
  • Most Americans are now paying more and yet getting less from their health care plans.
  • Every corner of the globe looks and feels like it’s about to explode.

As a result of these and a long list of other things, polls say that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Yet the Left wants you to believe that all is well.

So read what the website at the link above has to say and then ask yourself this: Does it really feel like all is well?

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